Month: September 2014

September 29

This week, we are . . .

Reading: explaining how illustrations contribute to a story. Later this week, students will practice test-taking skills for the ITBS/Cogat with reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Writing: publishing small moment narratives! Students will practice presentation skills for our Writing Celebration on Friday morning!

Grammar: studying root words

Spelling: identifying vowels (aw, au, al, ou) with Sort 7 words. Tonight, students will write sentences for each spelling word and underline the spelling word. Tuesday night, students will write all words with a white or yellow crayon and color over the words with marker or watercolor. Wednesday, students will complete p. 30 in Words Their Way books. Thursday night, students will write all spelling words in pyramid order.

Math: using multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems. Please continue to study multiplication and division facts at home!

Science: exploring fossils with Ms. Sumners in the STEM lab!

Important Information:

Writing Celebration: Friday, October 3rd at 9:30 am. All families are welcome to come enjoy light refreshments and listen to students present their small moment narratives in small groups!

Class Wish List: 4 in x 4 in post its and indoor recess activities (puzzles, board games, card games, etc.). Thanks to the Bounds family for donating board games for indoor recess! They will definitely be used this week due to the rainy weather!

Fall Testing: Students will take the Cogat October 7-9 and the IOWA October 10-17. I have spoken to Kelly Long about arranging snacks/brain food for students to enjoy during those weeks. Please let her know if and when you want to send in snacks for testing! Please get lots of rest this weekend as well as the nights during testing.

Field Trip: Monday, October 6th. Class t-shirts should arrive sometime this week. Students will wear class t-shirts to school on the day of the field trip.

Have a fabulous evening!

Miss Nichols

Writing Celebration and Recorders

Happy Friday!

From Mrs. Mungin: If your child has not purchased their recorders for music class, they will need to do so by Tuesday, September 30th.  All students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will need a recorder for music class.  If you are not able to purchase your child’s recorder this year, they will be provided with a recorder that can be borrowed for the year but it is also shared with other students in the school.  I will always provide them with a clean, sterile recorder in order to fulfill their obligations so that they are a successful musician this year.

Please use this link to purchase your recorder online,!about2/c1j

All students in the 3rd grade was given a hard copy of an order form.  Also the students in 4th and 5th grades who needed to buy a replacement recorder or their first recorder also received a hard copy.  As of now, no more hard copies will be provided. However, you are encouraged to purchase your recorder online at the link provided above.


Writing Celebration: Next Friday, parents have the opportunity to come hear students present their personal narratives! An invitation will be sent home today. The Writing Celebration will take place next Friday, October 3rd at 9:30 am in the classroom. If you are unable to attend, do not worry! This is just one opportunity for your students to share to parents and other classmates. The event will end at 9:55 when students go to Specials.



Reading Logs

During the hustle and bustle of returning of fall break, a handful of students did not collect their reading logs. I will allow these students to record three nights of reading.

September 22nd, 2014

Welcome back! I hope everyone had fun and relaxing fall break. We had an awesome first day back to school!

This week, we are:

Reading: determining main idea and supporting details with informational texts as well as using information from illustrations and words to demonstrate understanding of an informational text. The students will apply these skills as they write an opinion writing piece about a business/product they would want to invest in.

Writing: editing narratives and practicing presentation skills.

Grammar: using prefixes and suffixes.

Spelling: Sort 6 words. Tonight, students will add prefixes or suffixes to spelling words. Tomorrow night, students will write words in ABC order.

Math: interpreting whole number quotients with division equations. The strategies for division are very similar to the multiplication strategies the students learned a few weeks ago. Please refer to the Math Road Map or check out if you need a refresher on those strategies! Students are always welcome to bring home math journals as a resource for both themselves and PARENTS!

Social Studies: explaining how Ancient Greece influenced U.S. architecture and the Olympics. Students have the opportunity to research these topics in the computer lab this week! Today, we wrapped up our study of democracy in the U.S. with the branches of government!

Important Information:

Fall Testing: Students will take the Cogat October 7-9 and the IOWA October 10-17. I have spoken to Kelly Long about arranging snacks/brain food for students to enjoy during those weeks. Please let her know if and when you want to send in snacks for testing!

Bullying workshop: Workshop Bullying at Campbell Middle School on Thursday.

Science Opportunity: GYSTC Saturday Science_September thru December 2014 flyer Great Saturday Science opportunities!

Movie Night: Come watch the Lego Movie this Friday at the Primary Campus! Everything IS awesome!

Picture Day: This Thursday! Our class gets to go first thing in the morning. Please wear STANDARD ATTIRE (uniforms) because these pictures will be in the yearbook.

Career day: Contact Mrs. Oliver if you would like to participate! A form was sent home a few weeks ago as well.

STEM donations: small paintbrushes and toothbrushes for fossil activities next week in the STEM lab.

STEM volunteer: Ms. Sumners needs someone to return fossils to Tellus next Thursday, October 2nd after school.

Class Wish List: 4 in x 4 in post its and indoor recess activities (puzzles, board games, card games, etc.)

Have a terrific evening!

Miss Nichols

Progress Reports and Dress Down Day

Good afternoon!

Progress reports will go out today to students who currently have a level 1 in an area on the report card, which means limited or minimum progress toward meeting the standard. Some are receiving report cards becuase they are close to a 1. Please sign and return by Friday! There are still some opportunities for students to improve their grades before the end of the quarter.

All families should be aware that students are not expected to receive ALL 3’s or 3+’s on report cards this quarter. As we grow in third grade, grades will increase as well. For example, word problems is a challenging area that we work on all year long. Do not be alarmed if your student does NOT have a 3 for word problems this quarter.

I am still missing many PG movie permission forms and field trip/t-shirts forms. We are watching the movie and ordering t-shirts on Friday.

This Friday is Dress Down Day for $1!

There is no homework during fall break! Students may practice math facts on First in Math (logins from student agendas) and read! Enjoy! 🙂

Have a marvelous fall break!

Miss Nichols

September 2

Good morning! I apologize for the late post during this short week!

This week, we are . . .

Reading: asking and answering questions with informational texts to help us better understand the text. The students will read informational texts about third grade science and social studies topics to apply this skill.

Writing: revising our small moment narratives. The students will learn how to write paragraphs and when to start a new paragraph!

Spelling: studying “R” influenced words with Sort 4. On Wednesday night, students will write their words on ABC order. On Thursday night, students will sort words based on vowel pattenrs on page 18 in Words Their Way books. If students are completing the spelling homework assignments each week, they are well prepared for the spelling test each Friday!

Grammar/Language Arts: studying quotation marks and how to punctuate dialogue. This skill will be applied to small moment narratives as well.

Math: finding area of rectangles and polygons by tiling. Students will count unit squares to find area of polygons and rectangles. We will return to multiplication next week. With the weekly word problem KWL, please make sure students are using information from the word problem to explain the reasonableness of their answers!!

Social Studies: comparing and contrasting our government to the government of Ancient Greece. We are wrapping up geography today! Next week, we will go deeper into Ancient Greece’s influence on U.S. architecture and the Olympics!

Important Information:

Field Trip Forms: Due THIS Friday! T-shirt cost is also included in the fee. I can’t wait to see our students exploring rocks and minerals with our awesome third grade t-shirts!

Chorus Kick-Off: If your student is in Chorus, please check-out this announcement from Mrs. Mungin: “Parents, this is a reminder that the chorus kick-off is Thursday at 6:30 in the Teasley Café.  Any student that was invited to chorus and returned their purple ticket is encouraged to attend.  This is the only parent meeting for the year and very important information will be discussed.  Fabulous door prizes will be given away along with complimentary music lessons at the Music Studio at Vinings will be awarded to two lucky students who attend.  See you there!”  

Friday Journals: Please let me know if you are unable to respond to your students in the Friday journals. This is a great way for you to have a discuss with your students about what they are learning in school! 🙂

Have a great first week of September!

Miss Nichols

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