This week, we are . . .

Reading: explaining how illustrations contribute to a story. Later this week, students will practice test-taking skills for the ITBS/Cogat with reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Writing: publishing small moment narratives! Students will practice presentation skills for our Writing Celebration on Friday morning!

Grammar: studying root words

Spelling: identifying vowels (aw, au, al, ou) with Sort 7 words. Tonight, students will write sentences for each spelling word and underline the spelling word. Tuesday night, students will write all words with a white or yellow crayon and color over the words with marker or watercolor. Wednesday, students will complete p. 30 in Words Their Way books. Thursday night, students will write all spelling words in pyramid order.

Math: using multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems. Please continue to study multiplication and division facts at home!

Science: exploring fossils with Ms. Sumners in the STEM lab!

Important Information:

Writing Celebration: Friday, October 3rd at 9:30 am. All families are welcome to come enjoy light refreshments and listen to students present their small moment narratives in small groups!

Class Wish List: 4 in x 4 in post its and indoor recess activities (puzzles, board games, card games, etc.). Thanks to the Bounds family for donating board games for indoor recess! They will definitely be used this week due to the rainy weather!

Fall Testing: Students will take the Cogat October 7-9 and the IOWA October 10-17. I have spoken to Kelly Long about arranging snacks/brain food for students to enjoy during those weeks. Please let her know if and when you want to send in snacks for testing! Please get lots of rest this weekend as well as the nights during testing.

Field Trip: Monday, October 6th. Class t-shirts should arrive sometime this week. Students will wear class t-shirts to school on the day of the field trip.

Have a fabulous evening!

Miss Nichols