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Sort 10 Spelling Words

I forgot to post the Sort 10 spelling words! Here you go!

Sort 10

October 27

Welcome back to a normal schedule in 3rd grade! Thank you for being supportive and flexible during testing and conferences! I enjoyed meeting with all of you last week.

This week, we are . . .

Reading: describing characters in a story and how their actions and feelings contribute to events in the story. We will read fictional stories to apply this skill. Today, students applied this skill to describe themselves with character traits!

Writing: revising biographies. Students have a great start to their 5 paragraph biographies! We are adding more facts, details, and definitions to the biographies every day! Students can continue to research or add details to their biographies at home.

Spelling: identifying ending spelling patterns with Sort 10! Students will write 10 sentences with spelling words tonight. Tuesday night, students will write words from pyramid form. On Wednesday night, students will write a letter to their teacher about how to be safe on Halloween OR during another fall activity (pumpkin patch, football game, etc.) using at least 6 spelling words. Thursday night, students will complete p. 42 in Words Their Way.

Language Arts: studying subject/verb agreement. This skill will be practiced in class and through spelling homework activities.

Math: using multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems and determining the unknown whole number in a multiplication and division equation. In math workshop, students are completing a math activities with a tic-tac-toe choice board! I can’t wait to see what the students create by the end of the week! PLEASE continue to study math facts at home with flash cards or First in Math!

Social Studies: discussing the lives of Paul Revere and Susan B. Anthony and how they expanded freedom and democracy for Americans. We wrapped up Paul Revere today. Tomorrow, we will begin our study of Susan B. Anthony. Students may create concept maps at home or conduct additional research if they want to learn more about either American hero!

Important Information: 

Third Grade Performance:  I am excited to pass along information to you from Ms. Mungin about the 3rd grade musical performance “Superb Teachers” coming up.  The performance will be held November 6th at 6:30pm in the Campbell High School Auditorium.  The third grade classes of Teasley Elementary School will honor educators who are now serving as teachers and those who have retired in the field of education. We will honor our “Superb Teachers” through song, dance and spoken word.  This will truly be an exciting time for our class! Lastly, EVERYTHING that you need to know is on the website.  Please go to this link for program info:!superb-teacher-celebration/c15k8

Red Ribbon Week: Check out how Teasley is saying NO to bullying and drugs this week! Red ribbon week flyer 2014

Class Wish List: Indoor recess activities/games, 4×4 post its, and Math Flash cards/wrap-ups.

October Tiger Reading Challenge: Due to the Media Center on Friday! There will be a special prize from me in addition to a FREE BOOK from Mrs. Crosby!

Operation Gratitude: Check out this great opportunity for helping others in the community! operation gratitude flyer 2014

Excusing late work: If your student is not able to complete a homework assignment (Homework, Reading Log, Friday Journal), please let me know. Students are learning how to be responsible for themselves and to take ownership for their learning! 🙂

Square 1 Art Orders: Parents: It is time to order your child’s one-of-a-kind artwork on timeless keepsakes to cherish for years to come!  Order forms are being sent home this week which includes their original artwork, a set of stickers with their artwork on it to keep, and an order form to purchase other keepsakes!  This fundraiser helps raise money for the art classroom to enhance their learning with new supplies and materials! There are two ways to order! 1) The most convenient and secure way is to order online.  Visit and use the online access code provided on the back of your child’s order form. 2) Use the paper order form provided.  Just fill out the form completely, attach payment, and return the form to the safe by the front office.  Cash, check, or money order should be made payable to: Square 1 Art.  Please make sure to total in the 7% sales tax when completing your subtotal.  Simply take your subtotal and multiply by .07 and then take that total and add it into your subtotal. The order deadline is NOVEMBER 6!!!  Don’t miss out on celebrating your child’s artistic achievement! Feel free to email me if you have any questions at:

Lexia: Tomorrow, students will take a pre-assessment on Lexia, which is an online reading program. This is similar to First in Math. Students are welcome to work on their PERSONALIZED reading activities on Lexia at home during this free trial! It will be incorporated into reading workshop during the free trial as well.

Have a fantastic evening!

Miss Nichols

Notes for Conference Week – October 13

Happy Friday! It is wonderful to almost return to a normal schedule after testing!

Next week, we are . . .

Reading:  determining the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text. Students will explore Idioms with Amelia Bedelia and fall stories!

Writing: researching more about our historical figures for the biographies. This week, students learned how to log onto the Cobb Digital Library for access to great school research websites such as World Book, PebbleGo, and Britannica! Students can definitely research at home with books or internet sources

Math: solving multiplication word problems with a constructed response! Students will learn another strategy besides KWL for problem solving. Later in the week, we will touch on determining the whole number/unknown number in a multiplication or division equation. PLEASE continue to practice facts at home!

Science: determining how water and wind change rocks and soil over time using observation and research. (Weathering and Erosion)

Spelling: identifying blended sounds with Sort 9. On Monday, students will make up 8 riddles about their spelling words WITH the answer included. On Tuesday, students will sort verbs in spelling words as past or present tense. On Wednesday night, students will complete p. 37 in Words Their Way books. On Thursday, students will sort words into words that are sounds (squeak) and words that are not sounds (shrimp).

Important Information:

Conference Week: Next week is early release for conferences! Dismissal begins at 12:15. We will have lunch at 10:40.

Report Cards: Report cards will be handed out AT the conference.

Reading Logs: Please initial reading logs 5/7 nights a week. I am beginning a new procedure in which students will rip out the weekly page on Friday. The logs have been labeled by their due dates. I hope this will help organization for everyone!

Career day: Thursday, October 23.

Parent Letter – Ebola Protocol 10 17 14

Book Fair: Book Fair begins on Monday! Students may go BEFORE 7:20 AM with their money from home. Feel free to go check it out before/after your conference!

Thanks again to parents who donated snacks during testing!

I greatly look forward to discussing your AWESOME students next week in conferences!

Miss Nichols

Pictures from Mining Field Trip

Here are some pictures from the Field Trip! More to come!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 (2)

photo 4

October 13

I am so proud of the students for working so hard on the tests! They have also been super flexible with the schedule changes. What a great start to the second quarter!

This week, we are . . .

Reading: asking and answering questions about a text with PAUL REVERE! For extra credit, students may memorize the poem, “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” to perform on Friday. Students will receive the poems tomorrow.

Social Studies: discussing the lives of Americans who expanded people’s rights and freedoms in a democracy. This content is integrated with our reading skill for the week!

Writing: researching about our historical figures for the biographies. Students will use various resources in the Media Center as well! Students are welcome to research at home with library books or internet resources! 🙂

Math: solving multiplication word problems with a constructed response! This may go into next week due to testing. The homework KWL is due NEXT FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24.

Spelling: Sort 9 spelling activities will begin NEXT WEEK! I sent home the activities in case anyone wants a head start.

Important Information:

Homework: There is no homework due this week! Please make an effort to go to bed early in order to have a good breakfast and arrive to school on time for testing. If students want some homework to do after school, they can read, play First in Math, or practice multiplication/division facts! Students can also research their historical figures for their biographies.

Reading Logs: Reading Logs will resume next week. I will provide new forms WITH due dates.

Conferences: Please return conference forms ASAP! Teachers are trying to accommodate all Teasley families to the best of our abilities! If you are unable to come in for a conference, I am happy to have a phone conference. I look forward to meeting with all of you!

New check-in procedure: In order to tighten up security, we will be implementing new check-in procedures beginning on Monday, October 20,2014. Visitors will be required to leave their ID in the front office, in exchange for a visitor ID badge. Before leaving the building, they will need to check out in the office, and return their visitor ID badge in exchange for their license.  Any adult in the building who does not have a badge, will be accompanied to the front office. THANK YOU!!!

Tiger Reading Club: I am encouraging ALL students to complete the Tiger Reading Club Challenge! Students will receive a FREE BOOK for completing the challenge. It can easily be completed along with the class weekly reading logs. There may be an additional reward from me . . . 😉

Have a grand evening! Only three more days of fall testing! 🙂

Miss Nichols

Testing Information and Encouragement

Here is the testing schedule for the next two weeks:
CoGAT Testing:
Tues. Oct. 7 – Verbal Reasoning
Wed. Oct 8 – Math Reasoning
Fri. Oct. 9 – Nonverbal Reasoning
Mrs. Stegall has been coming in weekly to help with practice questions that relate to these areas on the test. The students have been exposed to these concepts, and now it’s time for us to see how they do.
IOWA Testing:
Mon. Oct. 13 – Reading
Tues. Oct. 14 – Written Expression/Language Arts
Wed. Oct. 15 – Math
Thurs. Oct. 16 – Science & Social Studies
Last week, our practice sessions included:
  • how to sit in our seats quietly for an extended amount of time
  • how to transfer our answers to the bubbles on an answer sheet
  • how to read all the answers to find the one that answers the question best
  • how to find the directions for each section once the teacher has read over them
  • what to do when we are finished with a section

Here are some encouraging words to share with students:

October 6

This week, we are:

Reading: determining the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text. Students will distinguish literal language from nonliteral language with idioms.

Writing: writing informative texts. Students will pick a historical figure to write a biography.

Spelling: Sort 8 includes homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings. Tonight, students will write 6 sentences using three pairs of homophones. Tuesday night, students will write 6 DIFFERENT sentences using 3 pairs of DIFFERENT homonyms. Wednesday night, students will sort homonyms on p. 33 in Words Their Way. On Thursday, students will write 3 sentences using DIFFERENT pairs of homonyms that have yet to be used throughout the week.

Math: drawing picture and bar graphs to represent data with several categories. Students will also solve one and two-step questions about the graphs. Later in the week, we will review previous math topics such as two-step word problems and multiplication/division word problems.

Health: compare and contrast the relationship among food, energy, and health. Students will learn about nutrition and exercise while setting a personal health goal!

Important Information:

Writing Celebration: Thanks for parents who came! Pictures will be up very soon!

Math Homework: Starting this week, 3rd grade will have a new homework page for nightly math. The weekly KWL routine has not changed. The homework page is split up into days of the week (Monday-Thursday) rather than receiving a new worksheet every night for math. There are 8 problems for each day of the week. Students only need to complete the problems under that day of the week. Students will keep this page through Thursday night. On the back side of the page, there is room for students to show their work. Students can always use extra scratch paper if necessary. At the beginning of math workshop each day, we will review the math problems and students will record how many problems were correct and what math skills they still need to work on. Today, students are going to circle the Monday problems to show parents how it works. We look forward to homework that reviews all math skills AND includes practice of new skills!

Field Trip: The students had a great time with the Mining Truck! They are bringing home gems and an I.D. chart. Students are very enthusiastic about classifying their gems! Pictures will be up very soon. Everyone looks great in their class t-shirts!

Testing: Cogat will take place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week. Friday will be for Cogat make ups. ITBS will take place October 13-17. I apologize if the previous dates overlapped through the weekend and were confusing. Please go to bed early, have a good breakfast, and be to school EARLY! Testing will begin at 8:00 am and students who are late will have to make up tests on make-up day, which is Friday! Thanks to parents who have already sent in snacks for testing.

Conferences: Very soon, I will be sending home potential times for Conferences for the week of October 20th.

Homework: Be sure students complete spelling homework on a piece of LOOSE LEAF notebook paper. Homework has been very sloppy and on different types of paper recently. Also be sure it is completed on the correct side of the paper. If students need more loose leaf paper, we have plenty  in the classroom!

Have a great evening!

Miss Nichols

Writing Celebration and Student Council Survey

Writing Celebration: Tomorrow, we will have our WRITING CELEBRATION at 9:30 am in the classroom. It will end around 9:50 when students go to Specials. The students have worked hard on publishing their narratives and practicing their presentations. We look forward to seeing you there! If you are unable to come, the students will be thrilled to present to you this weekend!

Student Council Survey: 

Teasley Families – The Teasley School Council has created a survey in conjunction with PTA and PAWS Foundation to receive your input about fundraising efforts and involvement at Teasley. We value your feedback and ask that you please take time to submit a response to this survey. All responses are anonymous. The School Council will compile the data from this survey and work in conjunction with PTA and PAWS Foundation as plans are made for the future. We will also share the survey results with all stakeholders. Your input is important and valued so thank you for your time!! Please follow this link to complete the survey: The survey window will close on October 24th.

Teasley School Council, PTA and PAWS Foundation


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