I apologize for the late-night post. I had a full afternoon judging the Talent Show Auditions! Eden, Carolyn, and Ally represented our class well!

This week, we are:

Reading: comparing and contrasting informational texts as well as themes, plots, and settings of stories by the same author or with similar characters. We will compare and contrast holidays around the world with a webquest. Later in the week, we will compare and contrast similar characters from holiday stories/movies.

Writing: writing informative texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.  Students will write a how-to informational piece.

Spelling: spelling fun holiday words! Holiday Spelling Words We will return to Sort 16 in January.

Math:  classifying quadrilaterals based on similar attributes. This week, students will apply their knowledge of quadrilaterals in a performance task, “Quadrilateral City”! Students have begun creating unique and awesome maps for their cities. Later in the week, we will check on word problem skills and math facts.

Science: explaining how wind and water affects rocks and soil over time with weathering and erosion.

Social Studies: identifying the main mountain ranges in America, Rocky Mountain Range and Appalachian Mountain Range.

Health: comparing and contrasting the negative affects of tobacco products, alcohol, and other drugs.

Important Information:

Wish List: 4×4 post-its for Guided Reading, 3×3 post- its for Writing Conferences, copy paper, notebook paper, and pre-sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga pencils are great!). Thanks to families who have already donated supplies!

Winter Holiday Celebration: Thursday, December 18 at 1 pm. Students will decorate cookies and watch a holiday movie. Throughout the week, we are working on a special surprise present for parents!

Winter Break Work: Over winter break, students can practice math facts with First in Math or Flash Cards, read, or practice reading skills on Lexia. Also check out learnzillion.com or the Cobb Digital Library for educational resources.

Happy Holidays! Cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for our rocking third grade students!

Miss Nichols