Author Study Project: Today, the students were assigned an Author Study project. They are mostly working on this project in class. Students will read two books by the same author and research about that author.

Students may work on this project at home as long as they bring back their books and packets every day. It would be a good idea for students to work on their culminating portion of the project at home (Powerpoint, video, poster, etc.) I can give students resources for technology at school if they do not have access at home. This will take up most of our Reading Workshop for the remainder of the year.

The Author Study project is due on Friday, May 15. Students will present their projects starting that Friday and into the last week of school.

I have attached copies of the directions and resources for the Author Study. Author Study Websites- revised Teasley Author Note taking sheet        Author Study planning sheet         Author Study Reading Notes    Author study rubric

Field Day: 3rd Grade will attend Field Day on Tuesday, May 5. We can have four to five volunteers to help me run the stations for Field Day. Email me if you would like to help!