Month: May 2015

May 13

Good morning!

This week, we are:

Reading: understanding word meanings with formal and informal language. Students are working on their Guided Reading and Author Study presentations in class. Author Study presentations are due on Friday!

Writing: publishing fairy tale books for the last writing celebration on Tuesday at 8:45 am!

Math: reviewing all third grade math topics.

Health: describing water and bike safety.

Important Information:

Last week of school: An information letter about the last week of school activities will be sent home later this week.

Awards: End of the year awards for Third Grade will take place on Tuesday at 9:15 am in the Cafeteria.

Fairy Tale Theater: Our last writing celebration will take place BEFORE the Awards at 8:45 in the classroom. The students are very proud of their fairy tales!

Report Card Envelopes: Please send in envelopes and stamps for report cards as soon as possible!

Summer Reading: Last Friday, Mrs. Crosby introduced the students to the Cobb County online summer reading program. Your student’s login information can be found on their yellow summer reading information page.

Alice in Wonderland Junior: Come see some of our talented classmates and fellow Teasley Tigers in the Treble Tones’ presentation of Alice in Wonderland! This show will be performed on Friday and Saturday THIS WEEK at 7 pm at Campbell High School!

Teasley AIW Poster

I have truly enjoyed teaching your students this year. Have the best summer ever!

Miss Nichols

Field Day Pictures

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May 4

Happy May! The students are thrilled for Field Day tomorrow!

This week, we are:

Reading: distinguishing our point of view from that of a character or narrator in a story. Students are working on their author study projects in class as well.

Writing: publishing our adapted fairy tales as picture books.

Language Arts: distinguishing between multisyllabic words with Sort 30. We will resume spelling homework on Wednesday evening.

Math: solving two step word problems involving all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

Social Studies: identifying geographical features on a map (landforms).

Important Information:

Class Wish List: Copy paper

Field Day: Field Day for 3rd and 5th grades will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5. We will take a bus to Campbell High School to use their fields. Email me if you would like to volunteer with our class! I need parents to help me run the stations. There are no set volunteers at each station. The adults with each class must run the stations as we rotate. Parent volunteers can either ride the bus from Teasley or meet us at Campbell. We will leave Teasley at 9:15 am for Campbell High School, have lunch at 11:00 am at Campbell, and return to Teasley at 1 pm. Students should wear their blue class t-shirts with comfortable, cool, athletic clothing. Sunscreen and hats may be necessary for tomorrow since we will be outside for the majority of the day. Students may bring a water bottle as well.

Here are the stations for Field Day: 2015 Field Day Station Activities Final

ALL Media Center books are due THIS FRIDAY! Students will learn about the Teasley Summer Reading program this Friday after we turn in our books.

End of the Year Awards: Third Grade End of the Year Awards will take place on Tuesday, May 19th at 9:15 am in the Cafeteria. Our last writing celebration will most likely take place before or after the awards! :)


Have a great night!

Miss Nichols


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