Good afternoon!

This week, we are . . .

Reading: learning how to read in Reading Workshop. We will learn how to pick out just right books, read to self, and partner read.

Writing: creating our writer’s notebooks (binders) and planning our small moment narratives.

Language Arts: explains the function of nouns, verbs, and adjectives in a sentence. For spelling, students will study words with long vowels in Sort 1. Here is another copy of the words: Sort 1

Math: using understanding of place value to round whole numbers to the nearest ten and nearest hundred. Students may take home their math notebooks with notes anytime for help with homework!

Science: identify rocks and minerals. Students will go the STEM Lab next Monday in the afternoon!

Social Studies: explain how Greece influenced the democracy of the United States and identify Greece on a world map.

Important announcements:

Homework: This week, students need to be reading at least 20 minutes per night. Students can speak to either teacher about borrowing a book from the classroom library if they need one. We should be going to the Media Center very soon! Other assignments such as math practice worksheets may be sent home as well from time to time.

Open House: Thursday night at 6:30! Please come to learn more about Teasley and our class! Very important information will be shared!

Snacks: Please send in healthy snacks for your students to eat at 10 every day!

Thanks for helping us have a great start to the year!