Weekly KWL Homework Sheet

Each Friday, we will send home a weekly homework sheet containing a Math KWL word problem. It will be due back the following Friday. We encourage you to look over it after your child has completed it so that you know what we are working on in class. Today, we sent home the weekly homework sheet that will be due on Friday, August 28. For every word problem, students must show a visual representation (drawing), example of a strategy, accurate computation, and written explanation of mathematical reasoning.

Here are some worksheets that may be helpful as you support your students in completing the weekly KWL word problem. KWLChart        KWL-MathGraphicOrganizer-EXPLANATION1


If you want to join your student for lunch in the Teasley Cafeteria, please sit at one of the overflow tables. Also, please remember to not bring in food from outside restaurants.

Friday Journals

Please remember to respond to students in their Friday Journals  every weekend! They are reflecting on their weekly progress and journey to achieving their personal goals!

Media Center Books

Students checked out books from the Media Center today! Students need to have at least one book at school and at least one book at home. You and your student can decide if they want to leave some at home and some at school or bring all three books between home and school every day.