Good morning!

This week, we are:

Reading: practicing a variety of third grade reading skills with Daily 5 Reading Centers! We are working on our personal reading goals and mastering procedures for Daily 5 Reading Centers. If we have time later in the week, we will move onto exploring themes in fables.

Writing: editing and publishing our small moment narratives.

Language Arts: reviewing pronouns! Spelling word lists were sent home on Friday and written in agenda. This week’s words include science vocabulary words! 🙂

Math: adding and subtracting fluently to 1000 using strategies, properties, and understanding of place value. Last week, students received a copy of the 3rd Grade Math Roadmap containing math strategies for the remainder of the year. They can reference this page while doing classwork and homework in math. We are encouraging students to show their work and strategies. It is not enough to only write down We will assess addition and subtraction on Wednesday! 🙂

Science: describing the physical attributes of rocks and minerals. We will assess rocks and minerals throughout the week!

Social Studies: comparing and contrasting our government to that of Ancient Greece. We will also explore other ways in which Ancient Greece influenced our society with the Olympics and Architecture!

Important Information:

Because of Winn Dixie: Since we are moving onto other reading skills in Reading Workshop, students need to read 2 chapters per day of Because of Winn Dixie. This can be included in the daily 20 minutes of reading.

Student Wellness: Many students are becoming ill at school. We want everyone to feel their best! Please make sure students are getting plenty of rest, drinking enough fluids, and eating well. Some students are frequently becoming ill and leaving instructional time to go to the nurse.

Class Wish List: Earbuds/Headphones for computer centers, Ticonderoga #2 pencils, Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards

Weekly Math KWL: Math KWL word problem is due on Friday! Please have students hold onto it until Friday when we check it altogether as a class.

Homework Policy: If there is  a family emergency causing your student to not complete their homework, please email Miss Nichols or Mrs. McLaughlin. Thank you for helping your student become independent and responsible!