Month: October 2015

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Dictionaries: Today, all third grade students received a dictionary from the Smyrna Rotary! It was a neat experience. Students can use the dictionaries at school and at home. We have some dictionaries in the classroom if students want to leave them at home.

October Math Choice Boards:¬†I am so proud of the work students returned today with their math choice boards! I hope this was a fun activity to practice multiplication skills! Look out for a November Choice Board for division! ūüôā

Multiplication Facts:¬†Beginning next week, we will begin our journey of mastering multiplication facts! We are focusing on the 2’s and 3’s times tables next week. After giving a pretest of ALL the multiplication times tables, we will send home an informational letter containing their pretest score. If students have already mastered their 2’s and 3’s, they can go onto other times tables to practice and master.

Biography Extension: If students finish their biographies early, they have the opportunity to work on one of many extension projects! Mrs. McLaughlin has planned a Hanger Biography project! We would greatly appreciate donations for supplies for the hanger projects! ūüôā

Class Wish List: Biography Hanger supplies, Ticonderoga #2 pencils, colored copy paper, pencil erasers

Boo Hop!

Here is an announcement from Mrs. Mungin regarding tomorrow’s Boo Hop!

Hello Parents,

Thanks for allowing your child to attend the Boo Hop.  It will be an afternoon of fun, food and music. Here is the dismissal plan you should follow if your child plans to attend.  Please send your teacher a change of transportation by noon Friday October 30th,  so we will know how to dismiss your child from school.

All K-2 students attending the Boo Hop will  stay in their classrooms and will be dismissed with their teacher to Carnegie Hall (the music room) at the end of the school day. Mrs. Mungin will at that time take your child to the Boo Hop.  Students who are enrolled in ASP will go to ASP like normal and their ASP teacher will escort them to the Boo Hop.  When the Boo Hop is over, ASP kids will return to ASP.  All others will need to be picked up at 4:00.  Anyone left at 4:15 will be enrolled in ASP and you must pick them up from the Gym.

All 3rd-5th car riders, second load bus riders and regular load bus riders will follow their daily dismissal plan. There will be no changes for you.  If your child is in ASP they will go to ASP and their ASP teacher will dismiss them to the Boo Hop.  If your child is a car rider or bus rider and wish to come back to the Boo Hop, you, the parent, will need to provide transportation for them to come back to the school.

When students return to Teasley they should only come to the back of the school (by the café) for entrance. This is also for K-2 picking up their child from the Boo Hop.

The Boo Hop ends PROMPTLY at 6:00 PM (for 3rd-5th grades ONLY).  Thanks in advance for allowing your child attend this event and supporting the Teasley Treble Tones and the Teasley Elementary School Can Food Drive.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 26th, 2015

We are back on a regular schedule! Wahoo! We sincerely enjoyed meeting with parents last week during conferences. We look forward to more teamwork for the rest of the year!

This week, we are:

Reading: distinguishing our point of view from a character in an informational text. We are exploring perspectives of characters in a story with first person and third person.

Writing: drafting our five paragraph biographies with facts, definitions, details, and transitions!

Language Arts: using irregular verbs in a sentence (past tense and present tense). Later in the week, we will examine subject-verb agreement.

Math: using the properties of multiplication (commutative and associative) to solve multiplication and division equations. Please continue to work on multiplication fact mastery (1-10’s times tables) by the end of the second quarter! Mastering facts is vital to using the properties!!!!

Social Studies: describing how Susan B. Anthony expanded freedoms and rights for Americans.

Important Information:

Red Ribbon Week: Please see flyer attached to previous post regarding red ribbon week celebrations! Students must wear standard attire pants/skirts all week aside from Friday with $1 for Future Career Day.

Tuesday- Teasley Spirit Wear

Wednesday- Team Spirit Wear

Thursday- Crazy Sock Day (Also bring a pair of socks to donate

Friday- Pay $1 for PTA to dress like the career you want to have when you are older. NO COSTUMES, PLEASE!

Math Choice Boards: These are due on FRIDAY!!!! Students should be bringing them to school also to work on them in class. Email us if you have any questions!

Tiger Trot: Students have the opportunity to participate in the Tiger Trot on November 20th! Please be aware of this date in case your family is deciding to go out of town early for Thanksgiving. The class with the highest participation will receive an Office Max gift card to be used towards classroom supplies! Plus, it’s a fun way to get together to raise funds for our school!

Picture Retakes: Tuesday, November 3rd. Students must be in standard attire for this picture.


October 25

Math Homework: In order to give students more time to complete their October Math Choice Boards, there will be no word problem of the week. Choice Boards are due THIS FRIDAY!

Red Ribbon Week: This week is Red Ribbon Week! Check out this flyer from our awesome counselors for information about this week’s festivities!¬†Red ribbon week flyer 2015

Here are this week’s spelling words:¬†spelling 10-26

Friday, October 23

We had a fabulous Career Day! Pictures will be posted very soon!

Headphones: If headphones are not already at school, students need to bring them on Monday! They will be completing a math activity with Mrs. Knight in the Math Lab.

Science Olympiad: If your student is interested in Science Olympiad, please apply to Mrs. Herbel before October 27th!

Thursday, October 22

Wear PINK: Tomorrow, students can wear a pink shirt instead of a Teasley shirt to promote awareness for breast cancer. Students still need to wear their standard attire pants/skirts.

Paul Revere: Students are bringing home their Social Studies journals to review for their test tomorrow. Here are some additional resources about Paul Revere’s contributions to America’s freedom and what character traits he displayed:

Paul Revere Article

Paul Revere Review PowerPoint

*Don’t forget the weekly word problems are due tomorrow! If your student is solving the Challenge problem, please ignore the top question and begin answering at the Breakfast question. Email us if you have any questions!

Wednesday, October 21

Recorder Forms: Today, students received a form and an envelope for ordering recorders for music class. The deadline for the payment is October 30th. Here is a link to pay online:!about2/c1j Contact Mrs. Mungin if you have any questions!

Boo Hop:  See this flyer for information for the Boo Hop next Friday night! BOO HOP


Standard Attire

Please review standard attire in student agendas and Teasley website. Here are some reminders about winter attire:

All outerwear (jackets and coats) worn INSIDE the building must be a solid color with NO HOOD! If students wear non standard attire coats to school, they MUST TAKE THEM OFF INSIDE THE BUILDING! The only hooded/printed jackets allowed inside the building are the Teasley hoodies/sweatshirts.

Any undershirts, leggings, scarves, or tights must be a solid color!

If students are out of standard attire inside the building, they will receive a note home with a reminder about standard attire.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Conference Week!

This week, we are:

Reading: describing how character traits, feelings, and motivations affect the sequence of events in a fictional text. Students began by describing themselves with strong character traits!

Writing: writing informational pieces (biographies) with facts, details, and definitions. Students are drafting their paragraphs this week.

Language Arts; identifying and using irregular verbs. We do not have spelling words this week. Please student previous lists or content vocabulary if you want more practice!

Math: identifying patterns in the multiplication table. Students must know their facts by the end of the 2nd Quarter! We are exploring what patterns we notice in the multiplication table with videos, songs, and group discussions. Check out this video about patterns in the multiplication table:

Students have a worksheet about the Multiplication Table that is due TOMORROW! The word problem of the week, due on FRIDAY, was handed out this morning. I apologize for the word problem being late!

Don’t forget that CHOICE BOARDS are due on October 30th!

Social Studies: explaining how Paul Revere spread freedom for Americans. We are tying in character traits to our American heroes also! Students will take their Paul Revere test on Friday.

Important Information:

Transportation Changes: Please send in a handwritten note if there is a change in transportation. It is difficult for us to document and save the transportation changes if they are written on pages in the agenda.

Conferences:¬†Please bring your 3rd Grader to their conference! ūüôā

Class Wish List: Colored and white copy paper, Ticonderoga #2 pencils, and composition notebooks

Book Fair: The Scholastic Book Fair is at Teasley this week! The best times to go are before school WITH A PARENT and after school (before/after conference) WITH A PARENT. Our class is previewing the Book Fair tomorrow. Please send in money tomorrow if you want your child to make a purchase during our 15 minutes preview. We can only allow 2 students from each class to go at a time IF they finish their work.

Thursday, October 15

Word Problem: Word Problem of the week is due tomorrow!

Math Choice Board: The Math Choice Board for the month of October is due Friday, October 30.

Perfect Attendance: The student connection team would like to congratulate the following students who have had perfect attendance and NO tardies for the first 9 weeks of school.  These students will be allowed to dress down on Friday, October 23rd.  Each student will receive a dress down sticker to wear for the day when they arrive in their classroom on Friday morning.  Children will be recognized every 9 weeks.  We so appreciate you, parents, for getting your children to school on time, every day!!

Kaden Gregory

Robert Hoeh

Deslynn Humphries

Susan Lorenzo

Christina Pratt

Annalise Trocano

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