Month: December 2015

Holiday Party postponed to Thursday

Good evening!

Mrs. McLaughlin has a family emergency tomorrow and will not be at school. We want her at the class party! Therefore, the class party will take place on Thursday 9:30-10:45 rather than tomorrow (Wednesday).

Please send in wrapped books and donations for the party!

Thanks to the Lightsey and Hoeh families for sending in their books and party supplies!


Monday, December 14

Good evening! We have a fun and festive week ahead, with some final assignments sprinkled here and there.

Mrs. Hoeh has planned an awesome holiday party for our class on Wednesday at 9:30-10:45! We are missing the majority of the snacks/books for the book exchange. Please contact us if you can donate snacks/books for the book exchange. Right now, we only have 10 students participating in the book exchange.

This week, we are:

Reading:identifying the main idea and key details from a variety of sources of media (video and articles) to write  an informational essay. Today, students learned about three charities. Throughout the week, students will choose one of the three charities to write an informational essay about.

Writing:editing, publishing, and presenting winter narratives.

Language Arts: identifying and using simple, compound, and complex sentences; adding prefixes and suffixes to root words.

Math: representing data on bar graphs and pictographs.

Social Studies: identifying the major mountain ranges in the United States on a map (Appalachian Mountains and Rocky Mountains).

Important Information:

Dress Down for $1: THIS FRIDAY!

Reading and Math Facts: Continue reading independent books and practicing math facts over Winter Break!

Friday, December 11

American Heroes Test: Students will take an assessment over the three American Heroes for this quarter (Paul Revere, Susan B. Anthony, and Fredrick Douglass). Students will receive a study guide today. Students can also study notes in their journals, resources from the blog, as well as resources from the Cobb Digital Library.

Word Problem of the Week: Today, students received a graphing word problem of the week. We briefly reviewed the directions and how to complete the two-sided assignment. Students are welcome to begin this assignment over the weekend! However, it is fine for students to begin on Monday after our first graphing lesson in math.

Book Exchange: Please be on the look out for third grade books for the book exchange! Don’t forget to wrap them for the book exchange activity! 🙂 Mrs. Hoeh has some great ideas and resources for discount books.

Language Arts: We are continuing to review language arts/grammar concepts from this quarter. There is no spelling next week. 🙂

End of Second Quarter: Please contact Mrs. McLaughlin or Miss Nichols if your student will be leaving school early next week. We are taking final assessments through Friday afternoon.

Holiday Party!

I have attached the invitation to our class holiday party! Students will also receive a copy of the invitation today!

Please contact Mrs. Hoeh, Miss Nichols, or Mrs. McLaughlin if you would like to help/contribute to the party!

The party is Wednesday, December 16th 9:30-10:45 am.

holiday party invite

Six Flags Read to Succeed

If your student wants to participate in the Six Flags Read for Succeed, we have forms in the classroom as well as the media center. The reading logs are due on January 15th! This would be a great way to keep up with reading skills over the winter break! 🙂

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Good morning! I can’t believe we only have two weeks left until Winter Break! 🙂

This week, we are:

Reading: asking and answering questions to answer constructed response questions. Students will use the RACE strategy when  answering constructed response questions. We are checking on reading levels this week and are already seeing some awesome progress!

Writing: writing winter narratives. Today, students explored The Snowman and will write their own interpretation of the wordless story.

Language Arts: reviewing language arts skills such as comparative and superlative adjectives/adverbs and simple/compound/complex sentences. In order to focus on language arts/grammar skills, we will not have spelling words this week.

Math: solve two step word problems using  equations with a letter representing the unknown factor. Students must continue to use the strategy we learned in class! It can be found in math journals. There will be a homework assignment tonight and on Wednesday night. These assignments are due the following morning!

Science: comparing and contrasting types of soil based on particle size, color, and texture. Students will take the assessment on Wednesday. We wanted to give students more time to master the standard. Please be sure students are studying tonight and tomorrow night! There are notes inside the science journals! 🙂

Social Studies: explaining how Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and Paul Revere expanded freedoms for Americans. Students will take a culminating assessment on Friday on all three Americans heroes.

Important Information:

Holiday Party: Stay tuned for more information! It will either be next Wednesday or Thursday!

Santa Shop: Our class is going Thursday at 10:10 to shop. If students arrive at school BEFORE 7:40 am AND finish their morning work any other morning this week, they may go to the Santa Shop until 8:00 am.

Multiplication Facts: Students should be studying their 8’s multiplication facts at home this week. We will take our 8’s test on Friday!

Thursday, December 3

Santa Shop: Next Thursday, our class will preview the Santa Shop at 10:10 am. Beginning on Monday, students can go shop two at a time if they bring money to school DURING MORNING WORK (7:20-7:50).

Tiger Tales at Barnes and Noble: Mrs. McLaughlin is also reading a holiday book at 6:00 pm tonight! We look forward to seeing you there!

Spelling Typo: Isn’t it ironic that Miss Nichols misspelled a word on the spelling list? One of our science words, humus, only contains one “m”. Humus is the organic matter found in soil. We apologize for the confusion!

Winterfest Update from Mrs. Mungin


A shuttle will run from CMS to Teasley for WINTERFEST. Beat the hassle of finding a

parking space and come on over and ride the Santa Express.

Our FREE shuttle will start at 3:45.

Please spread the word!!!

Just added:

Martial Arts Demo from TonChu

Caterpillar Craze Bouncy House

Holiday Selfie Booth

Last day for DISCOUNT tickets ends tonight at midnight.

FYI the back parking lot will be reserved for Handicap Patrons only. You can park at the church or ride the shuttle. The FRONT ENTRANCE of the school will be blocked off as well.  No cars are will be allowed to enter off of Spring Hill Parkway.

Tuesday, December 1st

Holiday Magnets: GCI delivered picture retakes this morning.  They also delivered holiday magnets…. everything is to go home.  Pre-Payment for the holiday magnets was not required.  Parents will either keep them and send the payment in for them or send the magnets back.  If a payment is sent back, GCI provided a payment drop box which is located in the office. (Payments envelopes are attached to each magnet.) Thank you.

Panera Night: Please bring flyer that was sent home yesterday in order for Teasley to receive credit!

Math homework: Tonight, students must complete a two sided word problem practice page. THIS IS DUE TOMORROW! Students must use the strategy and show their work! Our 2 step word problem strategy includes underlining important information, circling the question, writing equations, and explaining the answer in one complete sentence.

Technology for Expert Day: If your student is using technology or a device, students and parents will need to sign a form for bringing a device to school. These forms will be sent home tomorrow for those students.

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