Month: January 2016

Friday, January 29th

GOFAR: Today, students received their GTID numbers to login to GOFAR. Students also received an instructions sheet for GOFAR. We are still working on some kinks with teachers assigning tests. Please do not take practice tests yet. Thank you for your patience! We will let you know when we are able to assign tests to the class.

FDR Choice Board: We LOVED seeing the choice board activities brought in! We are proud of the students for their creativity and hard work!

Homework: Homework will be posted on the blog and written in agendas. Please email either teacher if you have a question about the assignments. It is the STUDENTS’ responsibility to have their homework, complete  it, and turn it in ON TIME! Many students were missing homework assignments today!   🙁

Milestones Informational Night:  If you have not already, please send in your RSVP to the informational night this Thursday! Please consider buying dinner. The hot dog dinner (all beef) is a fundraiser for our FABULOUS field trip on May 5th! If you are able, we would welcome extra donations to this trip as well.

Door Decorating Contest: Please let us know if you would like to help with the door decorating contest for Black History Month! Our historical figure is Frederick Douglass!

GOFAR and Black History Month Contest

GOFAR: Students can take practice tests for Milestones with GOFAR! There are sample tests on there as well as teacher assigned tests. The practice tests on GOFAR will include constructed response and select response questions. Students can view their results when they finish a practice test.

Here is an electronic copy of the student quick start guide. We will send home this form on Friday as well: GOFAR Student Quick Start Guide

Students need to know their GTID numbers (separate from student ID number for Media Center and lunch accounts) to login. Students can login as a guest to take a practice test.

We will practice logging in on Friday afternoon in class! 

Black History Month Contest: Our class is participating in the Black History Month Door Decorating contest! Our person is Frederick Douglass! Please contact either teacher if you have ideas for how we can decorate our door! The doors must be decorated by Monday, February 8th.

Milestones Study Guide

Here is a resource for the Georgia Milestones! We will use some of these examples in class. You are welcome to use this resource as your student prepares for the Milestones.


Milestones Mini Session

Today, students will bring home an orange flyer with information about the Milestone Mini Session on Thursday, February 4th at 6 p.m in the Teasley Cafeteria. Dinner will be served for $5.

Please complete and turn in the bottom half of the form even if you are not able to attend the informational session.

Return these forms as soon as possible! The 3rd Grade Team is looking forward to collaborating with 3rd grade students and families! 🙂

Email either of us if you have any questions!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Good morning! Last week, each student received a letter about expectations for constructed response questions with RACE and the increased amount of homework during this quarter. By completing assignments and practicing skills at home, students will be prepared to participate in class activities and grow in their academic skills. Please contact either teacher if for some reason your student cannot complete the homework assignments.

We are having AWESOME academic discussions in class due to students completing their reading/assignments at home! It is amazing that students have the background knowledge

This week, we are:

Reading: comparing and contrasting the main ideas and key details in two informational texts about the same topic. Similar to last week, students will write in essay form how they compared and contrasted the two texts.

Writing: making our narratives more powerful with emotions and a variety of sentences.

Language Arts: adding -ing to verbs. We will wrap up dictionary skills today!

Math: representing fractions on a number line. If your student is struggling with identifying fractions, please continue to practice at home with partitioned shapes or objects divided into groups. Tonight, students must complete an assignment called “Fractions on a Number line”. This is due TOMORROW!

Science: explaining how animals and plants use adaptations to survive in their habitats. We will take a quiz on Friday on identifying the location of habitats on a map of Georgia as well as identifying plants and animals in each habitat.

Social Studies: explaining how Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt expanded freedom for Americans. Students will take the Franklin Roosevelt quiz on Friday!

Important Information:

Reading Homework: Tonight, students must complete a compare and contrast assignment about moths and butterflies. This is due TOMORROW! There is a RACE assignment about seahorses that is due on FRIDAY!

Multiplication Facts: At the end of each month, we will take a timed test to check on multiplication facts mastery. We will take our first fluency test of the 3rd quarter at the end of this week. Keep practicing those facts! I’m excited to see how students have grown in their facts! 🙂

Class Wish List: Ticonderoga #2 pencils, erasers, colored copy paper

FDR Choice Board: Students can complete their ONE chosen activity during their free time in class OR at home. If you need supplies for the choice board activity, please let us know. We are happy to provide what we can in order for students to complete this fun social studies project! 🙂

Early Release – January 22

Cobb County Schools will release two hours early today. If your student normally goes to ASP, please send in a note stating if they are bus or car for the early dismissal.


Tuesday, January 19

We all had quite a day adjusting back to the school routine after the holiday weekend! There is a great amount of work to be accomplished before the end of the school year! Please make sure students are getting to bed early, waking up early to feel refreshed for the day, eating a good breakfast, and practicing reading/math skills EVERY NIGHT! Thanks! 🙂

This week, we are:

Reading: comprehending complex literary texts and responding to constructive response questions. Tomorrow, students will bring home a letter containing the expectations for a quality 3rd grade reading response and a sample of their current work. We are practicing this skill with the RACE strategy with our compare and contrast skill this week!

Writing: adding emotions, actions, and dialogue to our small moment narratives.

Language Arts: using dictionary skills to determine the meaning of a word. We will resume spelling next week.

Math: partitioning shapes into equal areas and expressing each part as a unit fraction. Today, we reviewed how to identify fractions. Tomorrow, we will jump into partitioning shapes into equal parts.

Science: identifying the plants and animals in all of the Georgia habitats. Next week, we will dig deeper into plant and animal adaptations.

Social Studies: explaining how Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded freedoms and rights in the United States.

Important Information:

Homework: Please continue to read and practice math skills every night! Also, don’t forget to review the Science and Social Studies assignments in order for students to participate in hands-on activities on Friday’s!

Class Wish List: #2 non mechanical pencils. Thanks to the Trocano family for donating! 🙂



Thursday, January 14

Perfect Attendance Quarter 2: The student connection team would like to congratulate the following students who have had perfect attendance and NO tardies for the second 9 weeks of school.  These students will be allowed to dress down on Friday, January 22, 2016.  Each student will receive a dress down sticker to wear for the day when they arrive in their classroom on Friday morning.  Children will be recognized every 9 weeks.  We so appreciate you parents, for getting your children to school on time, every day!!

Kaden Gregory

Christian Pratt

Robert Hoeh

Spelling: Due to the short week next week, we will not have a new spelling list. Continue to practice previous words!

Atlanta Opera Performance: Thursday, January 21, all third grade students will attend a performance at Teasley from the Atlanta Opera!

Specials on Wednesday and Thursday: Specials will be different next week due to teacher planning meetings. On Wednesday, our class will have no specials. On Thursday, our class will go to 2 specials back to back (PE and Art).

Third Grade Dance: Due to logical and financial reasons, we will not be able to have the 3rd Grade Dance on January 29th. Instead, look out for news regarding a 3rd Grade Parent Informational Night about the Milestones Test! We are working on a fun dinner/dance after the parent meeting! Stay tuned!

Homework: You may have noticed that the amount of homework has increased this quarter. Students will need to read, practice, and review at home what is learned in class in preparation for the Milestones test in April. The additional homework assignments may include a weekly RACE reading passage, Science reading packet, and Social Studies reading packet. Students will be prepared for in-class activities if they complete the readings at home! Next week, look out for a letter with information about the expectations for the RACE reading responses. We will attach a copy of an expected third grade response as well as sample of your student’s current RACE response. Every night, students should continue to practice facts and read their independent reading book on their level.

STEM Night: February 11th 5-7 pm! Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to make this night a roaring success!

Class Donations: Please send in #2 non mechanical pencils if you can!!!

Monday, January 11

This week, we are:

Reading: compare and contrast themes, settings, and plots of literary texts that are written by the same author or in the same series.

Writing: writing powerful small moment narratives.

Language Arts: using contractions with is and have with Sort 14 spelling 1-11. Students will also explore dictionary skills that help them learn how to find the meaning(s) of words.

Math: measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch and plotting data on a line plot.

Science: identifying features, plants, and animals of the Georgia Habitats.

Social Studies: identify how Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded freedom in America.

Important Information:

Dress Down Day: Friday for $1!

Mellow Mushroom Night: Tonight at 5 pm!

Class Wish List: We are officially on our last pack of pencils! Please send in donations of #2 non mechanical pencils! Thanks so much!


Pictures from 2nd Quarter

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