Month: March 2016

Milestones Testing

BE ON TIME!!!!!! Milestones testing begins on Wednesday, April 13th. Testing begins PROMPTLY AT 8:00 am every day of testing! PLEASE make an effort to have students at school earlier than on time! We want students to feel prepared and ready to do their best on tests. They must finish breakfast and go to the restroom before testing begins. If students arrive after testing has begun, they will be placed in a separate room until we have a break in between testing sections.

TESTING SNACKS: We want to give students special treats as well as fun/healthy snacks to enjoy after testing every day. Please sign up on this sign up genius to donate! 🙂

SPRING BREAK: We hope everyone rests and relaxes over Spring Break! It would be a good idea for students to review third grade standards at some point during the break. All students should bring home EVERY journal in order to review for Milestones.

SPRING BREAK PACKET: Students have the opportunity to complete activities in an OPTIONAL Spring Break review packet! For each activity completed, students will receive special rewards AFTER testing. Students received the packets today if they want to complete them.


Fun Snacks

We will now sell snacks throughout the week to raise money for our field trip! Please let us know if you can send in snacks. We are running low on donations from the Baskar and Trocano families. Thanks!


Please bring headphones to school tomorrow! Thanks so much!

Monday, March 28

Happy Monday! We are so proud of all the good Dojo points students are earning for showing leadership and the Teasley Ten!

This week, we are:

Reading: distinguishing our point of view from that of a character or a narrator in a fictional text. There will be some nightly assignments throughout the week to practice this standard.

Writing: writing narrative, opinion, and/or informational pieces based on an article about prairie dogs. We are enjoying seeing students shine as they apply third grade writing standards to a genre of their choice!

Language Arts: sorting words based on ending -e and -i sounds represented with -y, -ey, and -ie. spelling 3-28 The spelling assessment will take place on Thursday. In Grammar, we are using past, present, and future tense verbs in sentences.

Math: reviewing equivalent fractions and how to compare fractions. There will be some nightly assignments with this standard as well.

Science: explaining which objects attract and repel magnets. Measuring Heat packet is due on Friday!

Social Studies: describing how Cesar Chavez expanded freedoms for Americans. We will dip deeper into this quarter’s 3 American Heroes after testing! The Democracy review is due on Friday!

Important Information:

Cultural Arts Day: Cultural Arts Day is THIS Friday!

Thursday/Friday schedules: Due to Cultural Arts Day on Friday, we are bumping content to THURSDAY! We will finish reading, writing, and math workshops on  Wednesday this week. All day on Thursday, we will teach Science and Social Studies on Thursday.

Willy’s Night is TONIGHT! 

Class Wish List: copy paper, hand sanitizer, pencil erasers, tissues

Milestones Review: Our FINAL Milestones Review packet is due on Friday! These will be sent home today.

Field Trip Final Payments: Be on the lookout for information/forms on the final payment for the field trip! 🙂

Early Dismissals: Please contact one of us if your students will be missing any days for vacation. It would be great to have a heads up in order to prepare make up work or give assessments early. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 23

Thurgood Marshall Choice Board: Students only have to do 1 activity. Kudos to those students who have already complete more than 1 activity! 🙂

Class Wish List: Copy paper, hand sanitizer (we are down to our last bottle!), and erasers


Report Cards

Report cards for the Third Quarter will go home tomorrow! Please return both the envelope AND the signature card by FRIDAY! The report card itself is for yours to keep.

Monday, March 21

Happy Spring! We had a fantastic start to our week. We hope you are enjoying the detailed reports from Class Dojo!

This week, we are:

Reading: describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific ideas , and steps in a technical procedure using language pertaining to sequencing and cause and effect. We are practicing our reading and writing stamina with this standard!

Writing: using information from a variety of media (text from articles and video) to write an opinion piece. We had an awesome discussion about our opinions of the Soda Ban in New York City!

Language Arts: creating plural nouns with Sort 20 ! We will explore  plural nouns and verbs in Grammar as well.

Math: estimating and measuring liquid volumes in milliliters and liters as well as mass of objects in grams and kilograms. Please continue to have conversations about the difference between these units of measurement at home!! This is a tricky concept to grasp.

Science: describing heating and cooling processes. The Moving Thermal Energy packet is due on Friday!

Social Studies: describing how Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Cesar Chavez expanded freedoms for Americans. The Thurgood Marshall choice board is due THIS FRIDAY!

Important Information:

Willy’s Night- Next Monday, March 28!

Art Show: THIS Thursday, March 24 6:00-7:30 pm! Come see wonderful artwork and enjoy the opportunity to purchase framed artwork by your child!

Class Wish List: Glue sticks, pencils, erasers, copy paper.  Thank you so much to those families who donated last week to our class!

Milestones Packet: This week’s packet is due FRIDAY! We were disappointed with the short responses in the writing sections the past two weeks. Students are aware that they are to write either a full paragraph (3-5 sentences) or a full essay (5 paragraphs) for the writing sections. Many students are forgetting to use the RACE strategy as well. Please be sure to check your student’s work. These packets are meant to review and prepare students for the Milestones test. Students will be better prepared and equipped to do well on the test if they practice with these prompts. 🙂

Cultural Arts Day: Next Friday, April 1st!

Spring Break Review: It would be an excellent idea for students to review all subjects over the break with journals from class, Brain Pop, Learn zillion videos, Milestones study guides, etc. Let us know if you want any other resources! The students should  have plenty with the resources listed above.


Please review the attributes of quadrilaterals with your students! They have an additional homework assignment tonight called “Polygons”. Quadrilaterals will be assessed on Friday! Students must be able to compare and contrast the quadrilaterals based on their attributes.

Perfect Attendance 3rd Quarter

Congratulations to the following students for having perfect attendance this quarter! We applaud you for putting first things first. Enjoy a dress down day THIS Friday! 🙂

Robert Hoeh

Deslynn Humphries

Saniya Payton

Annalise Trocano

Talent Show!

VIP and priority Talent Show tickets are now on sale!  You can find an order form on the talent show blog by clicking on the forms link.   General admission tickets will also be available at the door.  This form can also be used to pre-order DVD’s of the performance.  We hope to see you Friday for this fun event!


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