Good  afternoon! We  had an awesome day full of diligence and collaboration!

This week, we are:

Reading: using details from illustrations in fictional texts to gain understanding about the mood, characters, and setting. We are examining Dear Mrs. LaRue along with other fictional texts and illustrations to practice this skill.

Writing: writing informational texts with facts, definitions, and details. Students will apply their compare and contrast skills this week to write an informational piece. We may have time to practice presentation skills at the end of this week as well.

Language Arts: using commas in addresses and correct punctuation in dialogue. We will focus on grammar skills this week. There is NO spelling list for this week.

Math: solving two step word problems with all four operations and assessing reasonableness with estimation and rounding. We will assess this on Friday! Nightly assignments will be sent home throughout the week.

Science: distinguishing between the Georgia habitats, explaining plant and animal traits for survival, and discussing how plants and animals adapt if their habitats are changed. Please continue to study for Friday’s assessment with science journal notes, homework packets, and the study guide!

Social Studies (Geography): identifying the major rivers on a U.S. Map.

Health: comparing and contrasting the methods of prevention of circulatory and respiratory system illnesses. We read all about these systems last week and reviewed today. This will be assessed tomorrow!

Important Information:

PENCILS: Our class is out of pencils! Please donate to our class!

Class Wish List: White copy paper and erasers.

Publix Math Night: Tomorrow evening 4:30-6:30! Miss Nichols will be there at 4:30 for the fun math scavenger hunt!

Milestones Packet: Due THIS Friday!