Happy Spring! We had a fantastic start to our week. We hope you are enjoying the detailed reports from Class Dojo!

This week, we are:

Reading: describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific ideas , and steps in a technical procedure using language pertaining to sequencing and cause and effect. We are practicing our reading and writing stamina with this standard!

Writing: using information from a variety of media (text from articles and video) to write an opinion piece. We had an awesome discussion about our opinions of the Soda Ban in New York City!

Language Arts: creating plural nouns with Sort 20 ! We will explore  plural nouns and verbs in Grammar as well.

Math: estimating and measuring liquid volumes in milliliters and liters as well as mass of objects in grams and kilograms. Please continue to have conversations about the difference between these units of measurement at home!! This is a tricky concept to grasp.

Science: describing heating and cooling processes. The Moving Thermal Energy packet is due on Friday!

Social Studies: describing how Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Cesar Chavez expanded freedoms for Americans. The Thurgood Marshall choice board is due THIS FRIDAY!

Important Information:

Willy’s Night- Next Monday, March 28!

Art Show: THIS Thursday, March 24 6:00-7:30 pm! Come see wonderful artwork and enjoy the opportunity to purchase framed artwork by your child!

Class Wish List: Glue sticks, pencils, erasers, copy paper.  Thank you so much to those families who donated last week to our class!

Milestones Packet: This week’s packet is due FRIDAY! We were disappointed with the short responses in the writing sections the past two weeks. Students are aware that they are to write either a full paragraph (3-5 sentences) or a full essay (5 paragraphs) for the writing sections. Many students are forgetting to use the RACE strategy as well. Please be sure to check your student’s work. These packets are meant to review and prepare students for the Milestones test. Students will be better prepared and equipped to do well on the test if they practice with these prompts. 🙂

Cultural Arts Day: Next Friday, April 1st!

Spring Break Review: It would be an excellent idea for students to review all subjects over the break with journals from class, Brain Pop, Learn zillion videos, Milestones study guides, etc. Let us know if you want any other resources! The students should  have plenty with the resources listed above.