Happy Monday! We are so proud of all the good Dojo points students are earning for showing leadership and the Teasley Ten!

This week, we are:

Reading: distinguishing our point of view from that of a character or a narrator in a fictional text. There will be some nightly assignments throughout the week to practice this standard.

Writing: writing narrative, opinion, and/or informational pieces based on an article about prairie dogs. We are enjoying seeing students shine as they apply third grade writing standards to a genre of their choice!

Language Arts: sorting words based on ending -e and -i sounds represented with -y, -ey, and -ie. spelling 3-28 The spelling assessment will take place on Thursday. In Grammar, we are using past, present, and future tense verbs in sentences.

Math: reviewing equivalent fractions and how to compare fractions. There will be some nightly assignments with this standard as well.

Science: explaining which objects attract and repel magnets. Measuring Heat packet is due on Friday!

Social Studies: describing how Cesar Chavez expanded freedoms for Americans. We will dip deeper into this quarter’s 3 American Heroes after testing! The Democracy review is due on Friday!

Important Information:

Cultural Arts Day: Cultural Arts Day is THIS Friday!

Thursday/Friday schedules: Due to Cultural Arts Day on Friday, we are bumping content to THURSDAY! We will finish reading, writing, and math workshops on  Wednesday this week. All day on Thursday, we will teach Science and Social Studies on Thursday.

Willy’s Night is TONIGHT! 

Class Wish List: copy paper, hand sanitizer, pencil erasers, tissues

Milestones Review: Our FINAL Milestones Review packet is due on Friday! These will be sent home today.

Field Trip Final Payments: Be on the lookout for information/forms on the final payment for the field trip! 🙂

Early Dismissals: Please contact one of us if your students will be missing any days for vacation. It would be great to have a heads up in order to prepare make up work or give assessments early. Thank you!