Wahoo! We are finished with testing!!!!  We return to a normal schedule tomorrow.

This week, we are:

Reading: distinguishing our point of view from an author in an informational text.

Writing: using our narrative writing to adapt fairy tales. We are greatly looking forward to this unit!

Language Arts: reviewing root words as well as prefixes and suffixes.

Math: finding area and perimeter of quadrilaterals using addition and multiplication. We will check on multiplication fact fluency on Friday.

Science: explain heating and cooling processes with an insulation lab!

Social Studies: describe how Lyndon B. Johnson, Thurgood Marshall, and Cesar Chavez expanded freedoms for Americans. We will assess this on Friday. Then, we will review map skills and geographical features.

Important Information:

Class Wish List: Cardboard for insulation lab on Friday

Headphones: Please make sure students have their own set of headphones at school every day!

Fun Snacks: We are selling Fun Friday Snacks EVERY DAY! Students are welcome to purchase snacks for $1 each any day of the week.

Testing: Thank you for supporting your students during testing! Also, thanks to the families who donated snacks and treats.

Earth Day on Friday: Teasley is also celebrating Earth Day by wearing GREEN!