Month: November 2016

Monday, November 28

Good morning! Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!

This week, we are:

Math: solving two-step word problems involving all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). There is a homework assignment that is due on Thursday. Students should be using the strategy that is in their journals and practiced in class. Students are aware that they must ALWAYS show their work!

Writing: practicing presentations for Expert Day on WEDNESDAY at 8:00 am! On Thursday, students will reflect on their informational writing skills by revising the informational writing piece they created during the first week of school. In addition, presentations/visuals for the Expert Day are due TOMORROW!

Reading: referring to parts of stories, dramas, and poems and explaining on how each piece builds on each other (chapters, scenes, and stanzas).

Language Arts: adding prefixes and/or suffixes to root words to change its meaning.

Science: investigating fossils as evidence of organisms from long ago. There is a homework assignment for fossils due Friday.

Social Studies: describing how Frederick Douglass expanded freedoms and rights for Americans. The Branches of Government homework assignment is due on Friday.

Important Information

Third Grade Awards: The Third Grade Awards will take place on Tuesday, January 10th at 8:00 am. Stayed tuned for more information!

Winter Party: Our class winter party will take place on Tuesday, December 20 in the afternoon. Invitations with more information will be sent home soon.

Class Wish List: Extra snacks, items for treasure box



All proceeds benefit the Teasley Treble Tones Chorus Spring Musical

Purchase your tickets using this link:

: winterfest-2016

Science Fair: See this flyer from Mrs. Sumners for more information about the Science Fair! science-fair-16-17

Barnes and Noble Night: Come see your favorite teachers read holidays books and wrap presents at Barnes and Noble on Thursday, December 8th! Miss Nichols will be reading at 5:10 as well as other times throughout the evening!

Friday, November 18th

There are homework assignments for Fossils and Government that are due on December 2nd. Students are welcome to wait until after Thanksgiving break to work on these assignments!

Thank you for donating to the Tiger Trot! Our class won 1st place in the race for 3rd Grade!


Free Dress Down Day for Tiger Trot!

Tomorrow is a free dress down day for the Tiger Trot! Students can wear whatever they would like! We are encouraging students to wear Teasley Spirit wear, athletic wear, or basketball attire to correlate with our Tune Squad theme.

Image result for tune squad

Monday, November 14

We are THANKFUL for amazing third graders and their families!

This week, we are:

Math: using multiplication to find the area of a rectangle. Today, the students learned the area formula (Area = length x width). There is a homework assignment due Thursday.

Writing: publishing our informational writing! Students are typing on Word or neatly writing on published paper for their final draft. Expert Day invitations as well as optional presentation homework assignments are being sent home today.

Reading: describing the logical connection between sentences and paragraphs in a text (cause and effect, sequencing, and compare/contrast).

Language Arts: reviewing prefixes and suffixes, subject-verb agreement, and verbs.

Science: investigate fossils as evidence of organisms of long ago and describing how they are formed.

Social Studies: explaining the importance of the three branches of government.

Important Information:

Field Trips forms and payment are due THIS FRIDAY! We must turn in head counts next week for sack lunches and the museum! 

Square One Art: Forms are due on Thursday.

Holiday Hearts: See this flyer if you would like to give to the Holiday Hearts program at Teasley: holiday-hearts-2016

Lunch this week: We will have our Thanksgiving Feast in the cafeteria on Wednesday! On Tuesday and Thursday, our class will pick up sack lunches around 9:30 am in order to leave room for other classes having their feasts on those days.

Tiger Trot: THIS Friday at Teasley! Continue to raise funds for our class and the school! Students can wear the Tiger Trot shirt or a Teasley shirt.

Academic Alerts: Academic Alerts will go home on Thursday to students who are demonstrating  limited progress in a 2nd quarter report card standard. Please sign and return as soon as possible!


Thanks for Giving

Please consider giving to Teasley’s Thanks for Giving food drive! All donations are due this Friday.


Tuesday, November 8

Happy Election Day 2016!

This week, we are:

Math: tiling (counting) square units to determine the area of a rectangle. Students only need to count squares to determine area. Next week, students will learn about the formula of area (length times width) and use their multiplication skills. There is a homework assignment due Thursday.

Writing: revising and editing informational writing. Be on the lookout for an invitation to Expert Day on Wednesday, November 30th!

Reading: using illustrations and text features to better comprehend an informational text. This skill will also be practiced as students are creating their own informational writing for Expert Day in Writing Workshop!

Language  Arts: continuing to practice using subject-verb agreement in a sentence.

Science: investigating fossils through observation and informational resources about organisms that lived long ago as well as describing how fossils are formed. On Friday, students will take the role of paleontologists by digging into cookie fossils! Students will receive a homework assignment this Friday that is due Friday, 11-18.

Social Studies: describing how Susan B. Anthony expanded freedom and rights for Americans. The Susan B. Anthony reading questions are due on Friday.

Important Information:

Cookie Fossils: If you can donate chocolate chips/nut free cookies, toothbrushes, or tooth picks for the fossil dig on Friday, let Miss Nichols or Ms. Hardie know ASAP!

Class Wish List: kid-friendly cleaning wipes and treasure box donations

Expert Day: Students will share their informational writing presentations on Wednesday, Noveme

Thanksgiving Feast: Our class will Feast on Wednesday, November 16. RSVP’s are due TOMORROW! Our class will eat sack lunches OR lunches from home on Tuesday and Thursday in the classroom.

Square 1 Art: It’s that time again for our Square1 Art Fundraiser!  Your child will be coming home with their own personalized order catalog, original artwork, and free stickers with their art on it!  Order unique gifts and keepsakes with your child’s art on it.  The school earns profit from each order to help enhance their engagement and learning in the art classroom!  You can order via the paper order form or online at

The deadline for orders is NOVEMBER 17th!  Make sure to get your personalized gifts before this deadline!  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Brooks at:

Progress Reports: Academic Alerts for students currently performing with limited progress in a 2nd Quarter Report Card standard will be sent home on November 17.

Tiger Trot Fund: Our class is in 12th place for fundraising and 9 of our students have registered. Keep up the fundraising for many great benefits for Teasley including Mathletics, technology, and a climbing wall in the gym! The Tiger Trot will take place on Friday, November 18th.

Talent Show Forms: If your student wants to audition for a Talent Show act separate from our class act, please return permission form by this Friday!

Winterfest: We are gearing up for our 2nd annual WINTERFEST Tree Lighting.  We have big expectations for our event this year and hope that you might join us.  If you are a small business owner or would like to be a vendor at this year’s tree lighting please click the link below to apply for a spot.

Below is the link to apply.  Deadline for all applications is November 18, 2016.



Thursday, November 11

Tiger Fund: Our team name is the Tune Squad! Our class is in 8th place in the school for funds raised. Continue to raise funds for our amazing school!

Weathering and Erosion Study Guide: Tomorrow, students will receive a study guide for the November 11th assessment. Please review at home.

Susan B. Anthony: Students will receive homework for Susan B. Anthony tomorrow that is due on November 11th.

Class Wish List: Kid-friendly cleaning wipes and treasure box donations.

Election Day: Tuesday is a student holiday.

Thanksgiving Feast Invitations: Please return RSVP’s to the classroom by Wednesday, November 9th.

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