Month: December 2016

Monday, December 12

Good morning!

This week, we are:

Math: drawing scaled pictographs and bar graphs to represent data as well as solving one step and two step word problems based on the data in the graph. Students will collect their own holiday data among the class and create their own graphs! There is a homework assignment that is due on MONDAY, DECEMBER 19. Students should always keep their homework in their homework binders in order to work on it at home and at school in free time.

Writing: editing, revising, and publishing snow globe narratives.

Reading: asking and answering questions using text evidence from informational text features. Students will ask and answer questions while completing a “Christmas Around the World” web quest.

Language Arts: capitalizing important words in titles.

Health: comparing and contrasting the negative side effects of tobacco, illegal drugs, and alcohol. Mrs. Oliver is teaching the first lesson this afternoon. We will review and assess on Friday as well as next week.

Social Studies: taking the summative assessment of the heroes, three branches of government, and the mountain ranges. Please use the study guide and social studies journal notes to review!

Important Information:

Field Trip: Tomorrow, student should wear their class t shirt and standard attire bottoms. We will eat our snack before the 9:00 am departure and our lunch after our 1:00 return to Teasley. Please have a good breakfast since we will be eating lunch a little bit later than usual. There is NO need to bring any money since we are not visiting the gift shop. We are looking forward to an awesome field trip!

Home for the Holidays: Don’t forget to RSVP and sign up for an item for the holiday lunch next Tuesday! We have a few yummy items already arriving! Please make sure there are NO NUTS in your contributions. Thanks!

Book Exchange: Next Wednesday, students who want to participate in the book exchange can bring a wrapped book!

Multiplication Facts: Keep up the SUPERB work on practicing multiplication facts! We are seeing progress from many students! The first Multiplication Mastery ice cream party will be next week. There will be another party in May.

Friday, December 9

Science Fair:

Science fair participation forms are available NOW and are due on December 12th

(forms can be found in the Media Center or online at

Projects are due on Friday, January 13th, 2017 (Turn in to the Media Center)

The judging will begin on….

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Social Studies: Students received a study guide today for the assessment next Friday, December 16th over the three heroes (Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony), the branches of government, and the mountain ranges.

Multiplication Facts: We are so proud of the students who are already using their time wisely to work on their multiplication facts! Students who requested practice packets received one today as well as a dry eraser marker. You can download/print multiplication and division drills from this awesome website:

Pictures of helpful charts and printable flash cards were posted in August during Open House.

Thursday, December 8

Field Trip Snacks/Lunch: On Tuesday, we will eat a snack BEFORE we leave at 9:00 am for the field trip and eat lunch at school when we return in the afternoon. Please give your child a larger breakfast and/or a larger snack to eat in the morning before we leave Teasley for Tellus.

Six Flags Reading Logs: These were handed out this week. The completed logs are due January 31st.

Tuesday, December 6th

Thanks to Mrs. Cutno, the students, and parents for making Miss Nichols’ birthday so special! It is a joy to work with your third graders!

Barnes and Noble: Bring your purple flyer to Barnes and Noble on Thursday evening to see your favorite teachers read winter books and wrap gifts! See the following schedule of readers:


Field Trip: Our field trip coming up in one week! Students should wear standard attire with their yellow class t-shirt. We will have snack at 8:30 am before we leave Teasley and lunch in the classroom in the afternoon when we return from Tellus. We will NOT have time for the gift shop. Students do not need to bring any additional money. It should be an awesome fossils experience for the students!

Monday, December 5

Good morning!

This week, we are:

Math: solving two-step word problems involving all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). There is a homework assignment that is due on Thursday. Students should be using the strategy that is in their journals and practiced in class. Students are aware that they must ALWAYS show their work for Step 1 AND Step 2! In addition, students should show an equation with a letter standing for the unknown factor (4 x A = 16). This standard will be assessed on Thursday.

Writing:writing imaginative narratives about being stuck in a snow globe! The students did an amazing job brainstorming abundant ideas and details for their own narratives.

Reading: reviewing this quarter’s standards with Storyworks passages! We will review asking and answering questions, using context clues for unknown vocabulary words, and retelling. Students are being tested individually for their independent reading levels beginning this week.

Language Arts: using dictionary skills to define a word.

Science: investigating fossils as evidence of organisms from long ago. Today, students will receive a study guide for the fossils assessment on Friday. Students can also previous homework assignments as well as notes in their science journals.

Social Studies: identifying the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ranges on a map.

Important Information

Third Grade Awards: The Third Grade Awards will take place on Tuesday, January 10th at 8:00 am. Stayed tuned for more information!

Home for the Holidays: Don’t forget to sign up to bring an item for the lunch on Tuesday, December 20th! Mrs. Cutno sent out the sign up genius link. Also, please have a wrapped book ready to send in on Wednesday, December 21st for a class book exchange.


Santa Shop: Our class will shop on Wednesday 10:10-10:25 am. Students can also shop individually during Morning Work (7:20-7:50) AFTER checking in with their teacher.

Class Wish List: Extra snacks, items for treasure box

Compliment Party: For our compliment party, we are having electronics day today AND tomorrow! Students can use their devices during math centers and recess. We have extra iPads for students who do not bring a device.

Science Fair: See this flyer from Mrs. Sumners for more information about the Science Fair! science-fair-16-17

Barnes and Noble Night: Come see your favorite teachers read holidays books and wrap presents at Barnes and Noble on Thursday, December 8th! Miss Nichols will be reading at 5:10 as well as other times throughout the evening!

Friday, December 2nd

Holiday Celebrations: Today, students will receive an informational note about holiday celebrations the last two days of the quarter before winter break.

On Tuesday, December 20th, we will have a Home for the Holidays  lunch giving families the opportunities to bring in their favorite holiday dishes. Please either send in the side dish in the morning or at 11:30 for the lunch. We will not be able to heat up anything throughout the day. Mrs. Cutno is sending out a link to the sign up genius for donating dishes and items for the lunch. Contact Miss Nichols or Ms Hardie with any questions!

*Please try to refrain from including nuts in your dishes! Thank you!

On Wednesday, December 21st, we will have a fun book exchange activity. Please send in a wrapped book anytime before December 21st. Every student will go home with a new book! Later that day, we will watch the Polar Express. Students can bring a pair of fuzzy socks or slippers to wear during the movie. home-for-the-holidays-2016


Fossils: Students will be assessed on fossils NEXT Friday. They will receive a study guide on Monday. However, the notes in the science journals are a GREAT resource for reviewing for the assessment!

Social Studies: Next Friday, students will also be assessed on our first three American heroes (Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and Paul Revere) as well as the Three Branches of Government. The study guide will be handed out on Monday. Again, please use the social studies journal notes for review.

Santa Shop: Our class will be attending the Santa Shop on Wednesday, December 7th at 10:10-10:25. Please send money with students that day if they wish to shop!


Test Scores

Fall test scores for our class will be sent home tomorrow. Please use this brochure for any assistance.


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