Month: January 2017

Black History Month Opportunities

Door Decorating Contest: Our class will be collaborating with one another to create a door to celebrate Michael Jordan’s achievements! Let us know if you want to contribute with ideas or creating the door! Ms. Hardie and I have a plan to finish this on Friday!

Black History Month:  See the following flyer if you want your child to participate in the Black History Month Wax Museum! Black History Wax Museum-11ywoo6

Black History Month Book Pre-Order: 

Monday, January 30th

We can’t believe we are already at the end of January!

This week, we are:

Math: using a number line and partitioned shapes to represent fractions of a whole as well as equivalent fractions. This week’s fractions homework is due on Thursday.

Writing: adding dialogue to narratives. This morning, students created a variety of conversations among characters with correct punctuation!

Reading: describing characters in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events. We reviewed character traits this morning and are continuing to practice using text evidence to support reading responses.

Language Arts: using commas and quotations marks in dialogue.

Science: describing how plants and animals adapt if their habitat changes. The plant adaptations homework is due on Friday. In class, students are creating their own animal that allows it to survive in one of the Georgia habitats. We will do the science experiment one day this week!

Social Studies: explaining how Eleanor Roosevelt expanded freedom for Americans. The Eleanor Roosevelt homework assignment is due on Friday.

Important Information:

Bingo Night: Bingo Night is tomorrow in the cafeteria!

STEM Night: STEM Night will take place on February 9th!

Warm Springs Field Trip: Today, students will receive an informational packet about our field trip on May 2nd. Students should return the following by March 3rd:

  1. Permission form (both sides completed)
  2. $25 payment
  3. Dismissal/Chaperone form
  4. $3 cash donation for restaurant and bus tips

Jogging Club: Applications are due THIS Friday!

Six Flags Reading Logs: These are due TOMORROW!

RISE UP to Dress Down on Friday: 

Wednesday, January 25

Hallway and Standard Attire: As a school, we are reviewing our expectations for hallway behavior and dress code. In class, we have discussed the expectations for behavior and dress code. These expectations can also be found in the front of student agendas. If students are not following expectations, a note will come home in their agenda. Thank you for your support.

Test Scores: The CoGAT test results will be coming home on Friday.  Please check your child’s binder/folder for the report.

Science Experiment on Friday: If you can donate cheetos or juice boxes for a science experiment on Friday, let us know! Thanks!

Monday, January 23

This week, we are:

Math: identifying fractions on a number line and partitioning shapes into equal areas. This week’s homework includes practice on partitioning shapes and identifying the area of each part as one unit fraction. This is due on Thursday.

Writing: writing an informational essay based on research from informational articles in Reading Workshop.

Reading: comparing and contrasting the main ideas and key details of two informational texts. We are using articles from our Storyworks magazines again this week.

Language Arts: using context clues to determine the meaning of a word or phrase.

Science: identifying plant and animal adaptations in the Georgia habitats. Habitats pages 130-139 is due on Friday. Please make sure students are reviewing the location of the habitats in Georgia as well as examples of plants and animals in each.

Social Studies: describing how Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt expanded freedoms for Americans. Students will receive their study guide today for Friday’s assessment of Franklin Roosevelt.

Important Information:

Spirit Night: Tonight at Grub Burger 5-8 pm!

Science Experiment Donations:  If you can donate juice boxes or Cheetos for a science experiment on Friday, let us know!

Six Flags Reading Logs: Please continue documenting your daily reading! These are due by the end of the month if you want a ticket to Six Flags.

Friday, January 20th

Thanks to the families who donated to Ms. Hardie’s birthday celebration today!

Science: Habitats p. 130-139 is due on Friday, January 27th. Students should also be able to locate the habitats on a map as well as identify at least one plant and animal in each habitat for a quiz on the 27th. We will continue to explore animal and plant adaptations for the next few weeks.

Science Activity: If you can donate juice boxes and individual bags of Cheetos for a pollination experiment on the 27th, let us know. Thanks!

Social Studies: There is a FDR homework assignment due on January 27th. Students will receive a study guide on Monday for the FDR assessment on January 27th. This quarter, our class will assess the heroes after they are taught throughout the quarter instead of a cumulative assessment of ALL three heroes at the end of the quarter.

Standard Attire: Please review standard attire at Teasley in the student handbook in the agendas. Thank you!

Perfect Attendance 2nd Quarter

Congrats to the following students who earned a dress down day tomorrow for perfect attendance in the 2nd quarter!

Natsumi Albert

Samuel Dosunmu

Memachi Eke

Allison Froelich

Alex James

Tyler Padron

Malia White

Christian Willis

Sudharsan Saravanan

Tuesday, January 17

We are incredibly proud of the hard work and progress shown in this class so far! Way to go!

Congrats to all of our award recipients!

This week, we are:

Math: representing data on a line plot. There is a homework assignment due on Thursday. Students will be creating and measuring their own snowflakes this week to practice line plots! Continue to practice math facts and strategies.

Writing: writing an informational piece about the similarities and differences between Lego and Minecraft.

Reading: comparing and contrasting the main ideas and supporting details from two texts.  We will wrap up our comparision of Lego and Minecraft this week.

Language Arts: using dictionary skills to find meanings of words.

Science: identifying the Georgia habitats as well as plants and animals in each habitat. The habitats homework assignment is due Friday.

Social Studies: describing how Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded freedom for Americans.

Important Information:

Six Flags Reading Logs: These are due at the end of the month! Keep recording your daily reading!

ASP Open House: Tonight at 4:oo pm!

All Pro Dads: Friday morning at 7:00 am!

Spirit Night: Thursday, January 26th at Grub Burger!

Wednesday, January 11

Good afternoon! We hope everyone had a safe, extended weekend!

This week, we are:

Math: reviewing finding area and perimeter of polygons. The students reviewed the equations for both today. There are notes in the math journals. The perimeter homework is due Tuesday, January 17th.

Writing: writing an informational essay comparing and contrasting Lego’s and Minecraft. The students are showing more independence in their knowledge of the writing process with third grade writing expectations.

Reading: comparing and contrasting key points from two informational texts. The students read articles about Lego’s and Minecraft. The students were very eager to compare and contrast about these topics!

Language Arts: using dictionary skills to determine the meanings and spellings of words. This is a tough skill. Please make sure students are sharing their experiences at home.

Social Studies: describing how Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded freedoms and rights for Americans.

Science: identifying plants and animals in the regions of Georgia. Please see the following sign up genius for an Science activity on Friday:

Important Information:

Science Fair: Contact Ms. Kraftshik or Ms. Sumners if you want to judge the Science Fair on Tuesday. Science Fair entries are due THIS FRIDAY!

Girls on the Run:

Lottery registration for Girls on the Run will be Jan 18 through Jan 22 at For teams that do not fill during the lottery period, registration will re-open Jan 23 and continue through Feb 15. Girls on the Run meets twice a week, Monday and Wednesay from 2:45-4:15 (beginning the week of Feb 6 and ending the week of May 1 at Teasley Elementary. The program is for 3rd – 5th grade girls. Girls on the Run is a transformational physical activity-based positive youth development program for girls and teaches life skills through dynamic interactive lessons and running games. The program culminates with girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event. The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness. The fee is $170 for the 12-week season. Financial assistance is available during online registration on a sliding scale starting at $25. More information and to register, visit


Cultural Arts Day:  Do you have a special art, music, dance, design, or even a cooking related skill?  Mrs. Brooks is looking for parent volunteers to be a part of our Performing Arts Day on March 31st!  This is a day where our students rotate around the school visiting a variety of dancers, artists, performers, etc.  Each session is about 30 to 45 minutes long from 8am to about noon.  If you are interested in volunteering your talent and/or skill, even if it is just for one hour in the day, please contact Mrs. Brooks at:

Math Facts: If your  students has already mastered their third grade multiplication facts, they can begin working on their division facts as well as their 11 and 12 times tables.

Early Dismissal on Friday, January 6

We are dismissing at 12:20 on Friday, Jan. 6th due to the forecasted inclement weather. There is no ASP on Friday. Students who normally walk, ride the bus, attend a daycare or are car riders will be dismissed their normal way. Any student who normally attends ASP will be dismissed in the manner that is noted on their Emergency Dismissal document which should be either by bus or daycare van. Remember that our top priority is your child’s safety through an orderly dismissal. Thank you!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back! The students are having a great day so far sharing stories from their time off and reviewing 3rd grade expectations at Teasley!

Emergency Dismissal Forms: Although we may have informally communicated about the updated bus routes, we want to confirm with an updated copy of the emergency dismissal form. Please sign and return the form TOMORROW! Thanks for helping us double check the emergency dismissal plan. We provided directions for looking up your new bus route and we have a list at school as well.

Check with WSB and the Cobb County website for any school closings due to weather.

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