Day: January 20, 2017

Friday, January 20th

Thanks to the families who donated to Ms. Hardie’s birthday celebration today!

Science: Habitats p. 130-139 is due on Friday, January 27th. Students should also be able to locate the habitats on a map as well as identify at least one plant and animal in each habitat for a quiz on the 27th. We will continue to explore animal and plant adaptations for the next few weeks.

Science Activity: If you can donate juice boxes and individual bags of Cheetos for a pollination experiment on the 27th, let us know. Thanks!

Social Studies: There is a FDR homework assignment due on January 27th. Students will receive a study guide on Monday for the FDR assessment on January 27th. This quarter, our class will assess the heroes after they are taught throughout the quarter instead of a cumulative assessment of ALL three heroes at the end of the quarter.

Standard Attire: Please review standard attire at Teasley in the student handbook in the agendas. Thank you!

Perfect Attendance 2nd Quarter

Congrats to the following students who earned a dress down day tomorrow for perfect attendance in the 2nd quarter!

Natsumi Albert

Samuel Dosunmu

Memachi Eke

Allison Froelich

Alex James

Tyler Padron

Malia White

Christian Willis

Sudharsan Saravanan

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