This week, we are:

Math: identifying fractions on a number line and partitioning shapes into equal areas. This week’s homework includes practice on partitioning shapes and identifying the area of each part as one unit fraction. This is due on Thursday.

Writing: writing an informational essay based on research from informational articles in Reading Workshop.

Reading: comparing and contrasting the main ideas and key details of two informational texts. We are using articles from our Storyworks magazines again this week.

Language Arts: using context clues to determine the meaning of a word or phrase.

Science: identifying plant and animal adaptations in the Georgia habitats. Habitats pages 130-139 is due on Friday. Please make sure students are reviewing the location of the habitats in Georgia as well as examples of plants and animals in each.

Social Studies: describing how Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt expanded freedoms for Americans. Students will receive their study guide today for Friday’s assessment of Franklin Roosevelt.

Important Information:

Spirit Night: Tonight at Grub Burger 5-8 pm!

Science Experiment Donations:  If you can donate juice boxes or Cheetos for a science experiment on Friday, let us know!

Six Flags Reading Logs: Please continue documenting your daily reading! These are due by the end of the month if you want a ticket to Six Flags.