Month: February 2017

Monday, February 27

Good morning! We hope everyone had a wonderful break.

This week, we are:

Math: using the relationship between multiplication and division to solve equation. Students will review fact families in class and for homework. The fact families homework (one sided) is due on Thursday. In addition, we will practice two step word problem solving skills in class. The students are becoming more confident in their division knowledge through fact families, which is very exciting!

Writing: analyzing mentor stories and fairy tales to write our own narratives. Today, the students wrote the beginning of their stories.

Reading: distinguishing their point of view from that of a character in a fictional tale. Students are identifying the point of view as well as the narrator in the fictional stories and fairy tales we read in class this week.

Language Arts: using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in a sentence.

Science: identifying at least four actions that can be taken to protect plants and animals in the environment through recycling and conservation of natural resources. We will complete this unit on Friday with an assessment.

Social Studies: identifying the branches and levels of government. A homework assignment will be given this Friday that will be due NEXT Friday, March 10.

Technology: evaluating and selecting relevant online resources to complete a research task. Students will be researching one of the three American heroes from Social Studies this quarter (Mary McLeod Bethune, Franklin Roosevelt, or Eleanor Roosevelt) and then create a Powerpoint based on their research. Today, the students researched with numerous online resources with Mrs. Crosby.

Important Information:

Field Trip Forms and Payments: Field trip forms and payments are due by THIS Friday, March 3. We have to send headcounts to the Little White House and restaurant.  Let us know if you have any questions.

International Night: This Friday at 6 pm at Teasley!

Thursday, February 16

Lost and Found: Lost and Found will be cleaned out tomorrow afternoon.

Dress Down tomorrow for $1! 

Monday, February

Can you believe that we are already halfway through the 3rd quarter of the school year?!

This week, we are:

Math: telling time to the nearest minute and measuring time in intervals (with a number line). Telling time homework will be due on Thursday.

Writing: writing an informational essay after comparing and contrasting two fictional stories. Today, students read stories from Tumblebooks to compare and contrast!

Reading: comparing and contrasting two stories written by the same author or with similar characters. Students will explore poems as well as books from Tumblebooks.

Language Arts: using comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs in a sentence.

Social Studies: describing how Mary McLeod Bethune expanded freedom for Americans. We will move onto the levels of government after the break.

Science: explaining how to protect the environment with conservation and recycling.  We will discuss this topic for the next two Friday’s. The conservation homework is due THIS Friday!

Important Information:

Black History Month Activities: On Friday, we will attend a Black History Month Assembly and a Wax Museum.

Valentine’s Day: Students will share Valentine’s tomorrow afternoon. They can bring their own boxes/bags from home OR decorate a bag provided by the teachers.

Kindness Week: Check out how Teasley Tigers will celebrate spreading kindness this week!

Kindness week flyer -2017-23evk51

Field Trip: Forms and payment for the Warm Springs field trip are due on March 3rd! Please send the $3 cash tip separate from the field trip payment.

Dress Down: Bring in $1 if your student wants to dress down THIS FRIDAY!

Friday, February 10

STEM Lab: On Monday, students will create habitat hats in the STEM Lab. If they want to bring in items to decorate their hat with, they are welcome to!

Science: Today, students learned about pollution and had an introduction to conservation. The conservation homework is due on Friday, February 17. If students want to review pollution before the assessment next week, they can review last week’s homework as well as their science journal notes.

Gimme 5: Once again, our school is participating in the “Gimme 5 for Education” campaign to raise funds for the Cobb Schools Foundation! The Cobb Schools Foundation is the only non-profit organization that supports all our schools, staff and students in the Cobb County School District. Please make a $5 tax-deductible contribution and return it to school in the attached envelope. You may also donate online at Students who donate names will be placed in a raffle to receive two Braves tickets in the new stadium!

Monday, February 6

This week, we are:

Math: comparing two fractions with visual models (partitioned shapes OR number line) as well as determining equivalent fractions. Fractions will be assessed on Thursday. Please be reviewing how to represent fractions as well as demonstrate equivalent fractions.

Image result for equivalent fractions anchor chartImage result for equivalent fractions anchor chart

Writing: comparing and contrasting two stories read in Reading Workshop. We are SO proud of the growth and independence the students are showing while composing essays this quarter!

Reading: comparing and contrasting characters, setting, plot, and theme of two stories by the same author. We will compare and contrast various Kevin Henkes books this week!

Language Arts: using adverbs in a sentence.

Science: describing the effects of pollution on plants and animals in Georgia.

Social Studies: explaining how Eleanor Roosevelt expanded freedom for Americans. This will be assessed on Friday. After taking the assessment, we will learn about  how Mary McLeod Bethune expanded freedom for Americans.

Important Information:

Valentine’s Exchange: Today, students will receive a letter with the class names for a Valentine’s Exchange on 2-14.

Spirit Night: Tomorrow night at Los Bravos!

Field Trip forms and payment: Don’t forget that these are due on March 3rd! The $3 cash tip should be turned in separately from the field trip payment.

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