Month: March 2017

Wednesday, March 29

This Friday: Students can dress down on Friday for free. They can either wear their talent show outfit OR bring just their class t-shirt to put on top of their shirt for the performance. Students do NOT have to bring their purple shirts for the finale.

Testing treats: Look out for a sign up genius from Mrs. Cutno regarding testing snacks/treats for our students.

Testing encouragement: We would love for your to send in notes of encouragement for your child.  Since there are 5 days of testing, please send in 5 notes if possible.  We will deliver these each morning before testing.  The notes can be in any form- an index card, piece of paper, etc.  They can be a little one-liner or a whole letter.  These notes will help them relax and feel good. If you would like to do this, please send these in with your child by Tuesday, April 18 and I will make sure your child receives one note each day from you.

Milestones Preparation: We will be sending home a brief study guide for math, reading, and language arts if students want to review in the next few weeks. Journals and binders as well as the Milestones online study guides are other great resources if your students want to prepare additionally for the test. However, we would love for them to enjoy Spring Break and get some rest.

Performance on Friday

The Talent Show will be performed again on Friday at 12:30 during school for Cultural Arts Day. Students who participated in the show on Friday need to either wear or bring their outfits to school on Friday: Class t-shirt, uniform bottoms, sweatbands, and purple shirt.

Monday, March 27

Thanks to everyone who participated in and attended the Talent Show. Our class was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

This week, we are:

Math: estimating and measuring liquid volume (liters and milliliters) and mass (grams and kilograms) as well as solving one step word problems involving measuring liquid volume and mass. The measurement homework is due on Thursday. We discussed the differences between the four units of measurement today as well as how to read liquid volume in a beaker.

Writing: applying informational writing skills to complete extended response questions.

Reading: applying reading standards to complete multiple choice and constructed response questions.

Language Arts: writing simple, compound, and complex questions.

Science: explaining through investigation how insulation affects heating and cooling. By Friday at 8:00 am, students need to complete their insulation assessment in class. Students can use their journal notes, experiences with the lab, and homework to help them review for this assessment.

Social Studies: describing how Thurgood Marshall expanded freedom for Americans. Students will be assessed on Thurgood Marshall on Friday morning. Please study journal notes to prepare for this assessment.

Important Information:

Gratuity for Field Trip: Please send in $3 for field trip gratuity for bus drivers and the restaurant as soon as possible. Thanks!

Cultural Arts Day: This Friday is Cultural Arts Day! All Teasley students will have a cold sack lunch if they choose lunch from the Cafeteria. We will eat sack lunches in the classroom. Students should bring their own lunch if they do not want the sack lunch from the cafeteria.

Milestones Preparation: If students want to further prepare for the Milestones, they can review notes from their Reading, Math, and Language Arts journals as well as their writing binders. We are doing plenty of test prep in class in Reading, Writing, and Math.

Today is the TALENT SHOW!

Students should wear their class t-shirt (yellow/green bright color) and black/navy pants to the show tonight. If they wish to be in the finale, they should bring a purple shirt to place on the back of their chair throughout the show. They will put the purple shirt on top of their class shirts for the finale.

Please have students in their assigned seats in audience at 5:30 tonight. Students will sit in their assigned seats throughout the entire show.

They looked AMAZING at the rehearsal last night!

Wednesday, March 22

Talent Show Shirts: Our class will be participating in a surprise act at the end of the Talent Show along with the rest of the Talent Show participants. Students need to bring a purple shirt to wear on top of their yellow shirt for the final act only. They can keep the purple shirts with them in their seats in the audience.

Report Cards: Report Cards for the 3rd Quarter will go home on Friday.  Please sign and return the signature card on Monday!

Talent Show Reminders

Talent Show Parking Notice CAMPBELL HS Auditorium, Friday, March 24 6:30 p.m.

The main parking lot close to the auditorium is under construction, therefore we will not be able to use this lot for the show. However, there are three other lots we are able to use:

  • The “Tiger” lot which is also close to the auditorium. PLEASE RESERVE THESE PARKING SPOTS FOR HANDICAP ACCESS, SENIOR CITIZENS, AND EXPECTANT MOTHERS. This lot is off of Ward St.
  • Power Springs Street parking lot (This is across the street from the playground)
  • The football stadium parking lot off of Fleming St.

We will have signs pointing to the correct parking area and inside to direct you to the auditorium. Please contact Mrs. Stewart at for any other concerns or questions. Hope to see everyone there!

Dress Rehearsal: Please try to wear class t-shirts for the dress rehearsal as well. At the dress rehearsal, The videographer will be adjusting lighting on stage and wants to see costumes at dress rehearsal.

Monday, March 20

This week, we are:

Math: recognizing shapes and identifying attributes. We will specifically analyze the attributes of different types of quadrilaterals. This will be assessed on Thursday.

Writing: using our narrative writing skills to practice Milestones constructed response and extended response questions.

Reading: applying reading strategies (compare/contrast, figurative language, ask and answer questions, identify main idea) to answer multiple choice and reading response questions.

Language Arts: forming simple, compound, and complex sentences.

Image result for types of sentences anchor chart

Social Studies: explain how Thurgood Marshall expanded freedom for Americans.

Science: explain through investigation how insulation affects heating and cooling. Students will investigate insulation with an experiment with a cardboard box. Also, students can bring in additional insulation materials if they would like to. Students will be assessed based on their participation and observations during the insulation experiment. The heat homework (pages 60-67) is due THIS FRIDAY.

Important Information:

Talent Show: The Talent Show is THIS FRIDAY, March 24 at 6:30 pm at Campbell High School. Students should be in their assigned seats in the audience by 5:45 pm. Students will wear black/navy pants, comfy dancing shoes, and the class t shirt. Students will sit in their assigned seats with the class in the audience for the entirety of the show. They will be monitored by Miss Nichols and Ms. Hardie as well as other Teasley faculty.

The rehearsal is Thursday, March 23 3:oo-5:00 pm at Campbell High School. Students should be dropped off by the auditorium.

We can’t WAIT to show you our routine!

BYOD Forms: Cobb County has released an official BYOD (Bring your own device) permission form for students. Please complete all sections and return as soon as possible if your student wants to participate for our future BYOD days.

Perfect Attendance: The student connection team would like to congratulate the following students who have had perfect attendance and NO tardies for the third 9 weeks of school.  These students will be allowed to dress down on Friday, March 24th, 2017.  Each student will receive a dress down sticker to wear for the day when they arrive in their classroom on Friday morning.  We so appreciate you, parents, for getting your children to school on time, every day!!

Natsumi Albert

Bailee Cutno

Samuel Dosunmu

Allison Froelich

Alex James

Harith Jayavel

Raven Lewis

Sophie Martin

Sreekar Mulpuri

Christian Willis


In order to arrive and begin rehearsal BEFORE Campbell High School dismisses, the talent show rehearsal on Thursday, March 23 will be 3:00-5:00. 

Friday, March 17

Talent Show: Teasley will have its annual Talent Show on March 24th, at 6:30pm. The theme this year is “Flashback Friday”. Advanced tickets are on sell now. Please see the attached flyer for more information. Hope to see you there!

2017 Talent Show Flyer-1x9oc9i

Don’t forget about the class rehearsal 3:30-5:30 at Campbell High School on Thursday, March 23!

Multiplication Facts: A progress report will be coming home in your child’s report card envelope to show their mastery of multiplication facts. Students must know all their multiplication facts, 1-10, to get a 3 on their report card for the standard. Students can request to take a multiplication test in the morning. Students must show mastery (100%) of 20 facts in a minute. It is the responsibility of the student to request a test. NScience Homework: Heat pages 60-67 (the entire booklet) is due next Friday.

Insulation Experiment: Next Friday, students will participate in a STEM experiment in Science for insulation. Students can bring any size cardboard box for their group. Also, students can bring in any additional supplies they want to use for insulation. We will provide felt, packing peanuts, and aluminum foil.

Fourth Quarter Grades

During the fourth quarter, we will be incorporating test preparation with our weekly standards. It is important for your student to be at school every day and on time.

All fourth quarter Reading and Writing standards are a review of what has already been learned in the school year. Therefore, grades for the report card will be based on observation during mini lessons and small groups.

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