This week, we are:

Math: solving two step word problems including all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity. The two-sided homework for two step word problems is due on Thursday. Students should use the pencil strategy (found in the math journals) and show ALL OF THEIR WORK with every word problem they solve. The pencil strategy includes circling important numbers/information and underlining the question(s).

Writing: writing adapted fairy tales. We are very impressed with the independence students are demonstrating with the writing process at this time of the year!

Reading: distinguishing our point of view from the the author in an informational text. The students are showing much enthusiasm for comparing and contrasting their point of view from the author’s point of view and opinions in informational texts!

Language Arts: using commas appropriately in writing.

Social Studies: identifying the branches and levels of U.S. Government. The government flip book is due on Friday!

Health: comparing/contrasting preventative methods for respiratory and circulatory system diseases/illnesses. We will have a guest speaker on Friday to learn about this topic!

Important Information:

Talent Show Permission Forms: A green talent show permission form is going home today. If your student wants to perform in our class act, please sign and return as soon as possible! We are planning out the details of our routine during recess and extension. If your student CANNOT attend the dress rehearsal, it is totally fine! We are practicing plenty in class! 🙂

Talent Show Ticket Orders: Order forms will be sent home this week!

Class Picture Day: Students may dress up on Friday for class pictures! Picture forms were sent home today.