Happy Tuesday! The end of the third quarter is this Thursday! We will be testing students on their reading levels this week.

This week, we are:

Math: solving two step word problems using the four operations and writing an equation with an letter representing the unknown factor. This standard will be assessed on Thursday. Students should write equations and show ALL OF THEIR WORK, including the pencil strategy.

Writing: using similes and metaphors in our narrative writing.

Reading: making connections between events in an informational text using time, sequence, and cause-effect. This will also be assessed on Thursday.

Language Arts: identifying the literal and non-literal meanings of phrases (idioms).

Social Studies: identifying the levels and branches of US Government. This will be assessed on Friday. We will also learn about checks and balances among the branches of government.

Science: identifying four ways to produce heat energy (burning, electricity, friction, and mixing chemicals).

Important Information:

Insulation Lab: Our class will participate in an insulation lab for  science on March 24 and March 31. Students will be introduced to this activity at the end of the science lesson on Friday. They can bring in a cardboard box of their choosing as well as any additional supplies to insulate their snowman houses. You are welcome to send in extra cardboard/supplies as well! At school, we have the following supplies: packing peanuts, felt, and masking tape.

Class Wish List: Glue sticks and pencils

Field Trip Gratuity: Please send in $3 for your child’s field trip gratuity. Thanks!

Talent Show Tickets: If you want to pre-order tickets for the Talent Show, send in your form and payment. The kids are looking GREAT in rehearsals!