Thanks to everyone who participated in and attended the Talent Show. Our class was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

This week, we are:

Math: estimating and measuring liquid volume (liters and milliliters) and mass (grams and kilograms) as well as solving one step word problems involving measuring liquid volume and mass. The measurement homework is due on Thursday. We discussed the differences between the four units of measurement today as well as how to read liquid volume in a beaker.

Writing: applying informational writing skills to complete extended response questions.

Reading: applying reading standards to complete multiple choice and constructed response questions.

Language Arts: writing simple, compound, and complex questions.

Science: explaining through investigation how insulation affects heating and cooling. By Friday at 8:00 am, students need to complete their insulation assessment in class. Students can use their journal notes, experiences with the lab, and homework to help them review for this assessment.

Social Studies: describing how Thurgood Marshall expanded freedom for Americans. Students will be assessed on Thurgood Marshall on Friday morning. Please study journal notes to prepare for this assessment.

Important Information:

Gratuity for Field Trip: Please send in $3 for field trip gratuity for bus drivers and the restaurant as soon as possible. Thanks!

Cultural Arts Day: This Friday is Cultural Arts Day! All Teasley students will have a cold sack lunch if they choose lunch from the Cafeteria. We will eat sack lunches in the classroom. Students should bring their own lunch if they do not want the sack lunch from the cafeteria.

Milestones Preparation: If students want to further prepare for the Milestones, they can review notes from their Reading, Math, and Language Arts journals as well as their writing binders. We are doing plenty of test prep in class in Reading, Writing, and Math.