Month: April 2017

Friday, April 28

Academic Alerts: Academic Alerts for the 4th quarter were sent home today to students who currently have a 1 (limited progress) in a standard on the report card. Please sign and return by Monday! Let us know if you have any questions.

Because of Winn Dixie: We will begin our book study on Monday! Students should have their books at school.

Field Trip on Tuesday: Students should wear their class t-shirt, standard attire bottoms, and comfortable walking shoes. They will not need a lunch since we are eating at the Bulloch House. Snack will also be provided on the bus. We reviewed buffet and field trip manners today. The students are so excited and we are greatly looking forward to an awesome field trip!

Media Center deadlines:

May 12 – Last day for checkout

May 17 – ALL STUDENT books due

Monday, April 24

Only one more day of testing to go! Hooray! Thank you for supporting your students and having them to school on time! The notes and snacks have been very encouraging.

This week, we are:

Math: telling time to the nearest minute and solving word problems with elapsed time. This will be assessed on Thursday.

Writing: Writing opinion pieces with reasons and examples supporting opinions.

Reading: reviewing reading standards in preparation for Because of Winn Dixie! We will begin reading this NEXT WEEK altogether as a class. Students can bring their copies anytime before Monday.

Language Arts: writing legibly in cursive and leaving spaces in between words in sentences. We will also learn some spelling strategies in Language Arts for the remainder of the quarter.

Social Studies: explaining how Lyndon B. Johnson expanded freedoms for Americans.

Science: identifying objects attracted to magnets and how magnets attract and repel each other. This will be assessed next Friday.

Important Information:

Intent Forms: Please return completed intent forms by this Wednesday, April 26th.

Class Wish List: glue sticks and #2 non mechanical pencils

Field Trip Gratuity: If you have NOT sent in your #3 gratuity for the field trip bus and restaurant, please return as soon as possible. We are sending home an envelope and reminder today.

Writing Celebration: Our final writing celebration will take place on Monday, May 10th at 9:15 am. Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for a formal invitation!

Friday, April 21

Thank you so much for striving to have your students at school on time for testing! It has resulted in smooth sailing to begin testing every morning! Only two more days to go!

Today, we played math games for review for the last two days of testing! On Monday, we will complete our last science lesson for heat.

Field Day Volunteers: Please sign up here if you want to volunteer for Field Day.

Primary Field Day (K-2); Thursday May 11th

Secondary Field Day (3-5); Friday May 12th


Intent Forms

Please return intent forms for the 2017-2018 school year by Wednesday, April 26.

Lunch during Testing

During testing, our lunch will take place 12:22-12:52.

Monday, April 17

We are entering testing mode on Wednesday! Your child’s only homework is to go to bed early and eat a good breakfast before testing. We are SO proud of the hard work they have shown and all they have learned this year!

This week, we are:

Math, Writing, Reading, and Language Arts: reviewing all standards for testing.

Science: using a thermometer to measure heat.

Social Studies: identifying 11 items on a map (5 rivers, 2 mountain ranges, latitude, longitude, Prime Meridian, and Equator).

Important Information:

Notes for testing: Please remember to send in encouraging notes for your students.

Class Wish List: tissues (allergy season is hitting us hard!), #2 non mechanical pencils, and glue sticks.

Testing treats: Please double check the sign up genius from Joy Cutno for testing treats. Thank you for volunteering!

Arrival during testing: Please make an effort to be at school before 7:50. We begin testing promptly at 8.

Visitors at lunch: If a parent/guest would like to eat lunch with a student, they are encouraged to purchase a school lunch. Parents may eat lunch with their student on the patio/courtyard, and one friend from class may be invited to join.


Testing Information

Letters about testing from the county will be home today.

The End of Grade GA Milestone test starts next Wednesday.

The schedule is as follows:

Wed.     ELA Section 1: Reading and Extended Writing

Thurs.   ELA Section 2:  Reading, Grammar, Writing

Fri.       ELA Section 3:  Reading, Grammar, Writing

Mon.     Math Section 1

Tues.    Math Section 2

Please remember to send in a note for each day of testing for your child to read before we start each day. You can label which ones you want for each day or you can just send a stack and we’ll pass out one per day. These always put a smile on the kids’ faces and make them feel support and love from you. This is our favorite part of testing!

Here are some ways you can be help during the week of testing. Also, please remember to try to keep things at home as calm as possible on the mornings of testing. How they start their day could impact their testing. Thanks for your support with this.

Monday, April 10

Welcome back from Spring Break! We hope everyone had a fantastic week off!

This week, we are:

Math: comparing fractions (greater than, less than, equal to) on a number line and with visual models. The fractions homework is due on Thursday. This standard will be assessed on Thursday.

Image result for fractions on a number line anchor chart

Image result for fractions on a number line anchor chart

Image result for fractions on a number line anchor chart

Writing: applying opinion writing skills to complete a practice test for Milestones. The students did a great job writing their first drafts today!

Reading: applying third grade reading skills to read passages, answer multiple choice questions, and complete writing responses.

Language Arts: adding affixes (prefixes and suffixes) to root words to change the meaning.

Science: investigating how heat transfers from the sun to various materials. Students will participate in an experiment with solar energy and heat transfer on Friday.

Social Studies: reviewing third grade map skills (longitude and latitude, identifying rivers, and identifying mountain ranges). Since this is just a review, this standard will be assessed on Friday. Students can study additionally with their Social Studies journals.

Important Information:

Spirit Night: Tomorrow night at US Cafe!

Testing: Testing begins Wednesday, April 19. Please make sure students are going to bed early and eating a good breakfast. Be on the lookout for an email from Mrs. Cutno about signing up for testing treats/snacks as well as the reminder about the notes to your students each day of testing.

Class Wish List: #2 pencils and glue sticks

Partnership with the Braves: Please bring in canned foods for a drive with our partnership with the Braves as we help those in need in the community! Students can wear Braves spirit wear (Braves colors are fine too: red and blue) on Friday in celebration of Opening Night at Suntrust Park!

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