This week, we are:

Math: fluently adding and subtracting within 1,000. Students will review and select their favorite strategies.

Writing: editing and publishing small moment narratives.

Reading: identifying main idea and key details in informational texts as well as using context clues to define unknown words.

Language Arts: forming and using possessives.

Science: investigating the physical attributes (color, capacity to hold water, and particle size) of soils (sand, clay, loam/potting soil).

Social Studies: explaining how the Pacific Northwest American Indians’ choices of where to live affected how they lived.

Important Information:

Diaper Drive: The 5th grade is collecting diapers for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Class Wish List: band-aids and paper towels

Writing Celebration: Stay tuned for a formal invitation to our first Writing Celebration on Wednesday, September 2oth! Students will present their small moment narratives.

Back to Football Friday: Students can wear NFL attire or colors with uniform bottoms on Friday for fun activities during specials.

Fall Testing: Fall testing for 3rd grade begins tomorrow! Testing begins promptly at 8:00 am. The only homework during testing is for students to arrive to school on time and eat a good breakfast.

American Indian Project:For an American Indian project on September 22, students will need a paper towel or gift paper roll. Please send in as soon as possible.

Soil Experiment: In Science on September 15, students will explore soil with a dirt pudding activities. For 20 students, we need the following:

  1. Jello chocolate pudding (20 single servings)
  2. Graham Cracker crumbs (1)
  3. Gummy worms (20 at least)
  4. Oreos (at least 20 cookies)

Please contact me if you would like to donate any of the dirt pudding supplies! I will keep you updated on Class Dojo on supplies that have been claimed. Thanks so much for supporting our students with these hands-on experiences.