Thank you very much for being flexible with the schedule changes with testing and the storms! Students will take the IOWA tests Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.

This week, we are:

Math: fluently adding and subtracting within 1,000. Students must have one strategy for each that helps them solve problems successfully. Students will also solve two step word problems using an equation with a letter standing for the unknown quantity. I do not want to give extra homework during testing, but students would benefit from practicing both of these standards at home. Both of these standards (addition/subtraction and two step word problems) will be assessed next week.

Writing: editing and publishing small moment narratives. The first Writing Celebration of the year will take place Wednesday, September 20 at 8:45 am. We look forward to presenting our narratives to you!

Reading: identifying main idea and key details in informational texts as well as using context clues to define unknown words. All of our reading standards for the quarter (main idea, asking and answering questions, and context clues) will be assessed next week.

Language Arts: forming and using possessives.

Science: investigating the physical attributes (color, capacity to hold water, and particle size) of soils (sand, clay, loam/potting soil). Please contact me if you can donate jello chocolate pudding (20 servings) graham cracker crumbs (one box), and gummy words (20) for a soil activity.

Social Studies: explaining how the American Indians’ choices of where to live affected how they lived. Next Friday, we will have an American Indian day full of activities to learn about what life was like for the American Indians. Please send in paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls for one of the activities.

Important Information:

T-Shirts: A 3rd grade t-shirt form was sent home today. Please send in form and payment by Friday, September 22. I have envelopes at school for payments.

Class Wish List: gummy worms (20), jello chocolate pudding (20), graham cracker crumbs (one box), paper towels, skittles, empty paper towel rolls, and empty wrapping paper rolls.