Day: October 2, 2017

Fall Conferences Sign Up

Please sign up for a conference time on this sign up genius:


Monday, October 2

Welcome back! I hope everyone had an awesome fall break!

This week, we are:

Math: using place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. Students learned how to round with a numberline, roller coaster/mountain, and Cinderella/Pokemon strategies. There is a two-sided rounding homework assignment due on Thursday. The homework will be given out tomorrow morning. We will assess word problems as well as addition and subtraction this week.

Writing: reviewing narrative strategies and evaluating our own narratives.

Reading: using a variety of strategies to demonstrate comprehension of complex texts (context clues, asking and answering questions, main idea and key details, and describing characters). These skills will be assessed this week.

Language Arts: reviewing standards from the first quarter (suffixes, parts of speech, pronouns, and titles).

Health: comparing and contrasting healthy lifestyles as well as the connection among food, energy, and health. Students had some amazing background knowledge during our activities for nutrition before the break!

Social Studies: describing American Indian cultures as well as identifying rivers/mountains on a map. This assessment will take place on Friday. We will finish the study guide today and tomorrow. Students may also use Social Studies journals to study.

Important Information:

Conference Week: On the blog and Class Dojo, I will post a sign up genius link for fall conferences. Please sign up on the sign up genius for a conference time during the week of October 16.

Spirit Night: Grub Burger this Friday, October 6th!

Career Day: If you would like to be a presenter for Career Day on Friday, October 20, sign up on this link:

Technology Thursday: If you want your student to participate in Technology Thursdays with their own device, please send in the BYOD form.




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