Thank you for a great conference week! I am so proud of all that the class has accomplished the past 9 weeks! I am working on completing any follow-up information that you requested. Please let me know if you have not received anything! Remember to complete the following survey about conferences:

Patterns in Multiplication: Student work from last week’s math standards are going home on Monday. This standard is not evaluated with the third grade report card. Therefore, you will not see grades but rather just feedback on the student papers. If your student is still aiming to grasp this concept independently, they should review with notes and examples in the math journal. Noticing patterns in multiplication will help students master their multiplication facts as well. Let me know if you need more resources for this standard.

Asking and Answering Questions: Last week, we reviewed asking and answering questions with TEXT EVIDENCE in informational texts. Graded papers with feedback for this standard are being sent home on Monday for the first independent task of the second quarter. There will be another opportunity at the end of the quarter for students to demonstrate proficiency and independence in this standard.

Math homework:  The area word problem homework is due on Monday morning. The area picture extension is also due on Monday but is NOT a mandatory task.

Writing Research: Students should continue to finish their writing research in order to be prepared to write paragraphs on Monday and Tuesday.

Media Center: Our class will be checking out new books in the Media Center on Monday.