This week, we are:

Math: finding area of rectangles using multiplication. Students should be able to independently multiply length and width to determine the area of a rectangle. This will be assessed on Thursday. A new area homework assignment was given out today and should be completed by Thursday. Students may take math journals home with them and use math workbooks if they want to review further. Continue to practice multiplication facts as well!

Writing: writing informational pieces with facts, definitions, and details. We are moving onto drafting our first copies of our informational writing pieces!

Reading: identifying main idea and key details in informational texts. Students are using the same graphic organizer to practice all week in class. There is an optional homework page for practicing identifying main idea and key details using the RACE strategy.

Language Arts: using types of verbs in sentences.

Science: describing how wind and water can move rocks and soil (weathering and erosion). We need skittles and mints for next week’s experiment. Let Mrs. Patel or myself know if you can donate!

Social Studies: describing Christopher Columbus’ motivations, cooperation, and conflicts for exploring North America.

Important Information:

Dress Down Day: Students may pay $1 on Friday if they want to dress down. Don’t forget students may also wear a superhero shirt/cape for Red Ribbon Week!

Class Wish List: Band-aids, skittles, mints, Hershey kisses, and neon yellow colored copy paper.

Tiger Trot: Today begins the fundraising for Teasley’s fall campaign, Tiger Trot! Please take a look at the papers sent home today with your student. The Tiger Trot will take place during specials on Friday, November 10.