Next week, we are:

Math: using the associative and commutative properties to help solve multiplication equations. These strategies will assist students in their  journey of mastering multiplication facts and further grasping the concept of multiplication. Students should review the properties and study facts every night next week. This standard will be assessed after two weeks of instruction.

Writing: adding different text structures and transitions to informational writing. It is great for students to make connections between reading and writing lessons about nonfiction texts!

Reading: describing the logical connection between sentences and paragraphs with compare and contrast, cause and effect, and sequencing. On Monday, students will receive a chart in their journal defining the types of nonfiction text structures. This standard will be assessed on Thursday. Students can review at home with their independent reading books, classwork, and journals. Continue to review and practice the RACE strategy for answering reading response questions with text evidence.

Language Arts: using correct verb tenses (past, present, future).

Science: making observations of the local environment and explaining how wind and water change rocks and soil over time. The students spent a great amount of time observing weathering an erosion outside this morning! The science homework will be passed out on Monday and is due next Friday, November 3rd.  We will move onto fossils the following week.

Social Studies: describing the motivations, obstacles, and accomplishments of John Cabot. This will be our second explorer in our unit. Students will be reviewing each explorer as we learn them throughout the unit.

Important Information:

Tiger Trot: Continue to raise funds for the Tiger Trot on November 10!

Class Wish List: construction paper, band-aids, neon yellow color copy paper and any color copy paper.

Erosion Experiment: On Friday, we will conduct two science experiments about erosion. Please let me know if you can donate skittles or mints for the entire class.

Math Resources: If you need extra math practice besides the math workbooks, check out these great websites: – videos practice pages – practice activities