This week, we are:

Math: using the associative, distributive, and commutative properties to solve multiplication problems. There is a distributive properties homework assignment due on Thursday. This, along with the math journal, will be great practice for the properties assessment on Thursday.

Writing: editing and publishing informational writing.

Reading: identifying the logical connections among sentences and paragraphs in informational texts.

Language Arts: identifying and using irregular verbs. This will be assessed on Thursday. There are notes in the reading journal if students want to review at home.

Science: describing how fossils show evidence of organisms who lived long ago.

Social Studies: identifying the motivations, obstacles, and achievements of Vasco de Balboa. This is our last explorer before the assessment on November 17.

Independent Reading Books: Students should have at least one independent reading book with them at all times! We read to self every day in school and at dismissal. This book can either be a Media Center book or a book from home.

Important Information:

Explorers: After learning about Columbus, Cabot, and Balboa, students will be assessed on those three explorers on November 17. Students have also been receiving completion grades on independent tasks every week as we learn about each explorer. Students should be bringing home social studies journals to review and discuss the explorers as we learn about them. After Thanksgiving break, we will learn about the other three explorers and then assess those three.

Tiger Trot: Continue to donate to your students and our class! There are only 5 students registered in our class. We will be fast as lightning at the Tiger Trot! Students should wear the yellow class t-shirt or another yellow shirt for the Tiger Trot on Friday.

Score Reports: More detailed info for the CoGAT is available at Directions are at the bottom of the report. For the IOWA, details are on the back of the score sheet. When looking at the scores, we mainly focus on the GE (Grade Equivalent) column. At the time of the test, 3.2 was where we would have been for the grade equivalent (3rd grade, second month). Scores below 2.5 are causes for concern that will need more attention. Also, in the bottom portion of the score sheet, any bars on the left side of the line, in “differences”, are areas that will need more attention. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Multiplication Facts: Your child should be practicing their math facts each night. We are working on the properties of multiplication currently. Students are expected to know their 0-10 multiplication facts by the end of the year. It is a grade on their 4th Quarter Report Card!

No School Tomorrow for Students!

Thanksgiving Luncheon: Wednesday, November 15. Reservation forms are due by November 8th!

Thanks for Giving Canned Food Drive: We will be holding our canned food drive from November 1st-November 14th! Please help support needy families this Thanksgiving!