Day: November 14, 2017



Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Coming to school every day on-time is a key ingredient to student success. The Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school ready to learn and on time every day. Any student who has perfect attendance, (which means no excused or unexcused absences or tardies) through the end of the 2nd 9 weeks, Wednesday, December 20th, will receive recognition for their attendance. These students will receive a free dress down day, a special treat, and a brag tag for their bookbags. Students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will be invited to a special celebration during the last week of school to praise their commitment to their education. Thank you for your support in getting your student to school every day!

Explorers Assessment


Students should know the obstacles these explorers faced, their accomplishments, where they traveled, and how they interacted with the Native American Indians.

Students should also be prepared to write about one of these explorers in detail.

Students should have their notebooks with study tools inside.

Here are a few websites to help:

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