This week, we are:

Math: finding missing numbers in multiplication and division equations. The “Fact Famlilies” homework is due on Thursday. This standard will be assessed on Thursday.

Writing: writing an on-demand opinion piece with evidence from multiple texts. This will be great practice for Milestones as well!

Reading: distinguishing point of view from that of an author in informational texts. This standard will be assessed on Thursday as well.

Language Arts: using commas in addresses in letters and correct punctuation in dialogue.

Science: describing the effects of pollution on plants and animals in Georgia. Students should finish animal/plant adaptation projects tonight for homework.

Social Studies: explaining the roles in Colonial America. On Friday, students will complete a project about one area of Colonial America!

Important Information:

Class Wish List: tissues, band-aids, #2 non mechanical pencils (we are out!), construction paper, pencil erasers

Colonial America Day: This will occur on Wednesday, March 14th!

Attendance and Tardies: As we are nearing our time for Milestones testing, it is critical that students are at school and on time every day. We will be finishing up our standards, reviewing previous standards, and completing test preparation. Please help to make sure your child is at school and on time every day.

Spring Picture Day: This Friday, March 9, students can wear an outfit of their choice for Spring Picture Day! Please bring the completed order form if you would like to order spring pictures.

Compliment Party: Tomorrow, our class will have a compliment party! Students can bring in their favorite toy or game tomorrow to play with at Recess.

Counselor Appreciation: Please check out this Sign Up Genius for Counselor Appreciation!