Month: April 2018

Monday, April 30

This week, we are:

Math: fluently adding and subtracting within 1,000 using algorithms and strategies. This is a review of the standard taught in 2nd grade and the 1st quarter of 3rd grade. It will be assessed this week. We will also review solving two step word problems using all 3 operations. Two step word problems will be assessed next week. Please use the math workbooks if your student would like to practice at home.

Writing: writing a narrative excerpt from Peter Pan.

Reading: identifying author’s point of view, comparing and contrasting main ideas, and using context clues in informational texts. With Peter Pan, we will also describe characters, determine the meaning of words and phrases with affixes, and compare and contrast themes, setting, plot, and characters. All of these standards will be assessed within the next two weeks.

Language Arts: writing words and sentences legibly in cursive. The students worked hard and grew so much in the first week of cursive!

Science: measuring heat with thermometers (temperature).

Social Studies: explaining the importance of citizenship in a democracy.

Important Information:

Teacher Requests: Please complete the following form for Ms. Mansfield if you would like to make a request for next year. Teacher Requests-2fyeh8a 

Class Wish List: Tissues, Clorox wipes, construction paper, and #2 non mechanical pencils

Spirit Night: Tonight at US Café!

Teasley Art Night: Tomorrow night at Teasley! Check out the amazing student artwork!

All Pro Dads: This Friday morning!


Thursday, April 26

Academic Alerts: Academic Alerts were sent home today to students who have not mastered their multiplication facts. The last day to test for fact fluency is Thursday, May 3.

Lost and Found: Any unclaimed clothing or items will be donated to charity on Friday, May 4th.

Monday, April 23

This week, we are:

Math: telling time to the nearest minute and solving problems with elapsed time. This will be assessed on Thursday.

Writing: narrative writing with Peter Pan.

Reading: reviewing fiction standards with Peter Pan.

Language Arts: writing words and sentences legibly in cursive.

Science: measuring heat with temperature.

Social Studies: describing the branches of state government.

Important Information:

Field Trip: Please return field trip permission forms and payment by this Friday. We have plenty of wonderful chaperones for our class! Thank you for volunteering!

Class Wish List: tissues, hand sanitizer, and construction paper

Academic Alerts: Academic Alerts for the 4th quarter will be sent home this week communicating concerns in multiplication fact fluency and reading levels.

Compliment Party

Tomorrow, students earned a compliment party for watching a movie during Recess! They are allowed to bring something to snuggle with that fits in their backpacks.

Only one more day of testing left! The students are showing amazing perseverance and strategies this week!

This week, we are:

Math: solving word problems including elapsed time. We will work on this standard for the next two weeks. It will be assessed next week.

Writing: reviewing writing strategies with reflection pieces.

Reading: describing characters with Peter Pan.

Science: describing how insulation affects heating and cooling. Students need to bring in their box as well as any additional insulation supplies for the experiment on Friday.

Social Studies: describing the 3 branches of the national government.

Important Information:

Field Trip: A letter, permission form, and payment envelope went home today for the upcoming field trip to the Carter Center. Please return permission form and payment envelope by Friday, April 27. Students received forms and payment envelopes with or without Varsity lunch included. Contact me if you have any questions.

Intent Forms: Tomorrow, students will receive intent forms for the next school year. Please sign and return necessary forms by Monday, April 30th.

Class Wish List: tissues, hand sanitizer, #2 non mechanical pencils, and construction paper

Friday, April 13

Thank you for all the support and encouragement during the first three days of testing! The students worked very hard! Please continue to have students rested and on time for the last two days of testing next week.

Science Experiment: Next Friday, students will build snowman houses to learn about the effects of insulation on heating and cooling. Students will be working either on their own or in groups. Some insulation supplies will be provided at school: felt, bubble wrap, and aluminum foil. Students need to bring in a cardboard box for their house as well as any additional insulation supplies they want to use.

Reading Bowl Team

The Teasley Reading Bowl Team is looking for new members! If your child LOVES to read, LOVES trivia, and is on or above grade level in reading, consider participating in Reading Bowl.  This is a competitive team that reads specific books and answers trivia-style questions about the books. It requires a great amount of reading as well as question writing in preparation for competition. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the library blog or email Ms. Crosby at

Field Trip Lunch

Today, students received a yellow form regarding lunch for the an upcoming field trip:

The 3rd Grade will be going on a field trip to the Carter Center on May 8 & 9 (our class will be going on one of those days).  We are going to have lunch at the Varsity after visiting the Carter Center.  We will be sending home permission forms very soon.  However, we need to order the vouchers for the lunch at the Varsity.  We need these forms back by FRIDAY, April 13 to know if your child will be ordering a lunch from the Varsity.  No money is due at this time- we just need a count for how many vouchers to purchase.  The lunch per student will be $10.  If your child does not order a lunch, he/she should bring one from home that day. Here are the choices if your child will be purchasing a lunch from the Varsity.  It is a combo meal so each child can choose one entrée, one side, and one beverage. 
ENTRÉE:  Naked dog (plain hot dog), Chili-dog, Hamburger, or Cheeseburger

SIDE:  onion ring or French fry

Drink:  medium soft drink, chocolate milk, OR frosted orange

Child’s Name: ___________________________________

Please check and return by Friday, 4/13 if your child is interested in purchasing a lunch from the Varsity for our Field Trip ($10 will be due at a later time)- If we do not have the form back by 4/13, your child will not be able to order a lunch from the Varsity.  Please do not send money now.

______ My child will be ordering a lunch from the Varsity on May 8 or May 9 ($10 will be paid at a later time)

______ My child will NOT be ordering a lunch from the Varsity and will bring a sack lunch

Monday, April 9

Welcome back!

This week, we are:

Math: measuring liquid volume (L and mL) and mass (g and kg). Please continue to review math strategies and math facts at home.

Writing: reviewing skills for Milestones.

Reading: reviewing skills for Milestones.

Language Arts: reviewing affixes (prefixes and suffixes)

Science: identifying the four ways to produce heat.

Important Information:

Milestones attendance: It is important that your child is at school on time every day. We will begin testing promptly after announcements. Please make sure your child has a good night’s rest, a healthy breakfast, and comes in confident! Our students have learned so much this year, and I cannot wait for them to show how much they have grown! Please also be aware that lunch visitors will not be allowed during testing. Thank you for your support in this matter. 

Lunch during testing: 12:43-1:13

Schedule for testing: 

Tuesday April 10th: English/Language Arts

Wednesday April 11th: English/Language Arts

Thursday April 12th: English/Language Arts

Monday April 16th: Math

Tuesday April 17th: Math

Visitors during testing: We hope that all of our families had a great Spring Break!!  We look forward to seeing our students on Monday!!  A reminder that the GA Milestone Assessment begins for our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders on Tuesday, April 10th.  Because we will have multiple testing sessions going in the building and will be testing the majority of the day, we ask that we not have visitors for lunch on Tuesday through Thursday, April 10 – 12 as well as Monday & Tuesday, April 16th & 17th.  Our lunch and specials schedule is different on those days and we will have testing going on all around the building.  For that reason, we ask that we not have visitors on those days. Thank you for your understanding!!


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