Month: November 2018

Friday, November 30

Field Trip Due Date: Please send in permission form and payment by Friday, December 7th for the December 10th field trip!

Class Wish List: Sheet protectors and ping pong balls for science activity next week.

Monday, November 26

Welcome back!

This week, we are:

Math: solving one step word problems with measurement. Since we have already learned one step word problems and measurement, the students have jumped right in and are doing well! This will be assessed today and tomorrow. Starting Wednesday, we will create line plots with data from measuring lengths in inches and centimeters. This will be assessed later in the week.

Writing: editing, revising, and publishing informational writing.

Reading: describing the connections of a series of historical texts with informational texts about Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi, and James Oglethorpe.

Language Arts: decoding and spelling vowel dipthongs with ow/ou- down, shout, mouth, town, south, surround, powder, outside, head, wasn’t.

IB Central Idea: Relationships Impact Outcomes. We are exploring this idea with how Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi, and James Oglethrope worked together in early Georgia.

Important Information:

Teasley Spirit Night: Tomorrow 5-8 pm at Creatwood Tavern!

Field Trip Forms: Students will receive a field trip permission form tomorrow morning. Please return with payment as soon as possible. We will visit the Chattahoochee Nature Center on December 10th to learn more about the Creek and Cherokee Indians!

Class Wish List: Pencil erasers, dry erase board spray, and sheet protectors

Book Fair Closing Earlier on Friday

The Book Fair will close earlier than planned for pack up on Friday. It will be open for final purchases between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM!

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our families before and after the Thanksgiving lunches and look forward to seeing you again at the Spring Fair. Thank you for your support!

Ms. Crosby and Ms. Hogan

Monday, November 12

Thank you for all the support during our fundraiser and the Tiger Trot!

This week, we are:

Math: measuring objects in centimeters and inches as well as comparing the two units of measurement. This will prepare us to solve word problems with measurement soon!

Writing: organizing writing with transitions. Some students will able to revise and edit informational writing later this week!

Reading: describing the connections between a series of historical events with texts about Mary Musgrove for our IB Unit.

Language Arts: spelling oi/oy vowel dipthong words: point, broil, boy, joint, spoil, toy, enjoy, oyster, poison, and play (sight word). We will also explore root words this week.

IB Central Idea: Relationships impact outcomes. We will explore how Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi, and James Oglethorpe collaborated in early Georgia.

Important Information:

Thanksgiving Feast: Our class will have the Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday 12:40-1:20 pm. Please bring payments to the lunch for guest meals. We can’t wait to feast with our awesome families!

Progress Reports: On Friday, students demonstrating limited progress (1) on any report card standard for the 2nd Quarter will receive a Progress Report. Please sign and return after Thanksgiving Break.

Scholastic Book Fair: The Book Fair is here until Friday! Students can purchase books at the Book Fair 7:20-7:50 am or during the school day WITH parents. Students may go during the school day on their own 8:00 am-2:00 pm.

Tomorrow is the Tiger Trot!


The Teasley Tiger Trot is tomorrow! Thank you to all our families who have been working hard to raise funds for our school. We truly appreciate your support!

There is only one day left in the program. That makes tonight THE LAST NIGHT FOR PLEDGING before the Teasley Tiger Trot.

Would you consider reaching out to one or two more sponsors tonight?

If you have any questions, please let me know. We hope to see you and your family tomorrow at the big event!

Have a wonderful day! 

P.S. It’s not too late to register your child on! To sign up, search for your school or use our school registration code: 149197


Monday, November 5

This week, we are:

Math: fluently adding and subtracting within 100 using place value understanding (Base 10, Expanded Form, and Numberline).  We did a check-in on Friday. This will be assessed again this Friday. Students can practice strategies at home with math workbooks. We will do other check-ins throughout the week. These will be for feedback, not always graded.

Also, we will begin measuring objects in inches and feet. We will work on this measurement unit for two weeks.

Writing: concluding our informational topics and writing a first draft with all writing elements.

Reading: asking and answering questions with nonfiction texts. This will be assessed again on Friday. We will introduce logical connections in informational texts later this week.

Language Arts: exploring root words. Our spelling words of the week follow the schwa R-controlled pattern: hair, bear, flare, pair, wear, repair, cherry, barely, need, and off. 

Social Studies: describing how Cherokee and Creek American Indians used the land in Georgia. We will finish this unit with a summative task on Wednesday. We will begin a new IB unit on Thursday!

Unit of Inquiry: Living things adapt in their environment. Stay tuned for our new unit on Thursday!

Important Information

Tiger Trot: On Friday, students will run the Tiger Trot during our specials time! Our class is in 3rd place for money raised in the school! Yay! Keep gathering those pledges for the Teasley Sport Court!

Boosterthon Challenge: Tonight’s Nightly Challenge is the Double The Fun Challenge Any student who gets a pledge of ANY amount today or tomorrow, can wear a Crazy Socks to school on Wednesday! AND The class (Teacher gets to do the honors) with the most new pledges tonight will get a chance to PIE our Principal or Coach Homansky in the face Wednesday on the a.m. news!!!

Thanksgiving Feast: Our Thanksgiving Feast will take place on Thursday, November 15. Students received the yellow invitation and RSVP form today. RSVP’s are due THIS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH! While other grade levels have their feasts, we will have sack lunches in the classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Donations for DG/Pearls: Our Teasley Distinguished Gentlemen and PEARLS students need your help! They will be assembling care packages to distribute to those in need as a community service project. They are asking for donations of items to include in these care packages. Please consider signing up to donate one or a few of these items. A box in the lobby will be available to collect the donations. Thank you in advance for your support!! We will be accepting these donations until November 7th.

No School Tomorrow: Due to the 4 day school week, the Dojo points goal for the week is 40 points.

Fundraiser Day 3

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