This week, we are:

Math: using addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one step and two step word problems using drawing and an equation for the unknown number. We will work on word problems for the next few weeks. Students are onto a great start with using the word problem checklist!

Writing: writing rough drafts, editing, and publishing opinion writing.

Reading: comparing and contrasting two or more version of the same story from different authors or different cultures. Reading levels will be assessed this week for upcoming progress reports.

Language Arts: spelling regular plural nouns with -s and -es endings (spices, acorns, apples, dishes, classes, boxes, watches, ponies, cities, children). We will also explore adverbs this week in comparison to adjectives.

IB Central Idea: Strong leaders affect change. We will are describing the leadership of Juliette Gordon Low more this week.

Important Information:

Performing Arts Field Trip: On Thursday, February 14, 2nd grade will take a field trip to watch a ballet. This field trip does not require additional payments or chaperones. Please return the orange permission form as soon as possible.

Valentine’s Exchange: If your student wants to participate in the activity, please send in a Valentine for all students in the class. We will exchange after the field trip on Valentine’s Day.

Class Wish List: Sheet protectors and Clorox/antibacterial wipes