Welcome back! We had a fantastic day back  to school! I love seeing the independence and growth in the students!

This week, we are:

Math: solve word problems involving pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters. We will work on this standard along with other word problems the next few weeks.

Writing: writing an opinion piece about a strong leader.

Reading: Identifying character points of view in fiction texts. We will explore this standard with Fairy Tales and Dr. Seuss Reader’s Theater!

Language Arts: spelling words with suffix endings: helped, helping, printed, printing, sliced, slicing, joked, joking, dropped, dropping, clapped, clapping.

Social Studies: the roles of leadership in the levels of government: mayor, governor, and president.

Important Information

Breakfast at School: All car riders who want to eat breakfast must arrive at school at 7:35 am in order to allow time to eat in the cafeteria.

Field Trip to Cobb Safety Village: In a few weeks, our class will visit the Cobb Safety Village! Be on the lookout for the permission form soon!

Read Across America Day: For The Read Across America Day Parade on Friday, March 1st, our class is celebrating the story, 101 Dalmatians!  Students may wear a white shirt and black/dark pants to look like a Dalmatian! We will attach black dots to the shirts on Friday morning. If students are eager to create their own Dalmatian costume at home, they are welcome to! I will take and post many pictures during the parade!