Month: March 2019

Monday, March 25

This week we are:

Math: naming, drawing, and describing 3D shapes as well as partitioning shapes into equal parts. We will work on partitioning shapes next week as well.

Writing: responding to an information passage about Saturn with a compare and contrast writing piece. Today, students received their opinion writing responses from last week with feedback on how they followed 2nd grade strategies. All three writing genres will be assessed towards the end of this quarter.

Reading: identifying the main idea and key details of an informational text. We are integrating this with informational texts related to our IB Central Idea!

Language Arts: spelling words with suffixes -ly (closely, friendly, really, gloomily, happily, angrily, quietly, safely, and luckily).

IB Central Idea: Positions on Earth determine observable sky patterns. We are exploring the sun’s effect on shadows more this week!

Important Information:

Spirit Night: Tomorrow night at US Café 5-8 pm!

Rise and Shine this week: The coaches are leading a fundraiser this week! Students who want to participate in Rise and Shine this week (Tuesday and Friday for 2nd grade) should bring $1 to participate.

Class Wish List: Tissues, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes.

Dress Down for $1: This Friday, March 29. Happy Spring Break!

Third Quarter Report Cards

Report Cards for the Third Quarter will go home tomorrow. Please sign the outer envelope and return to school on Monday. Contact me if you have any questions!

Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the following students for perfect attendance for the Third Quarter! They will have a Dress Down Day on Monday, March 25!

Evana Deivansankar

Lana Grimes

Charley Hutto

Uma Maiga

Alayah Saunders

Monday, March 18

I cannot believe we are beginning the final quarter of 2nd grade!

This week, we are:

Math: recognizing, drawing, and describing the attributes (number of sides, angles, and faces) of shapes. We will mostly explore 2-D shapes and jump into 3D shapes later in the week.

Writing: responding to two texts with narrative and informational writing.

Reading: asking and answering questions with nonfiction texts.

Language Arts: identifying and using capital letters with proper nouns.

IB Central Idea: Positions on Earth determine observable sky patterns. We are exploring stars, constellations, the sun, and day versus night!

Important Information:

Wish List: tissues, Clorox wipes, and flashlights (borrowed is fine) for a science activity.

Report Cards: Third Quarter report cards will go home this Friday. Please sign and return the outer envelope on Monday.

Envelopes for Mrs. Hutto: Today, students received an envelope from Mrs. Hutto. Please return by the due date and contact her if you have any questions!

Perfect Attendance Dress Down Third Quarter: Students who have perfect attendance for the third quarter will be announced soon! Their Dress Down Day will be on Monday, March 25.

Talent Show: This Friday night at 6:30 pm is the K-2 Talent Show! We have some amazing students from our class shining bright on stage!

Monday, March 11

This week, we are:

Math: reviewing and assessing 3rd quarter skills such as money word problems, comparing numbers, reading numbers based on place value, and one/two step word problems. We will check in on fact fluency this week as well for adding and subtracting within 20.

Writing: writing an opinion piece on-demand.

Reading: comparing and contrasting two texts as well as reading level assessments.

Language Arts: spelling words with suffix endings- rounder, smoother, lighter, funniest, earliest, prettiest, bigger, sadder, hottest.

IB Central Idea: Positions on Earth determine observable sky patterns. We will explore stars this week!

Important Information:

Early Release: Wednesday is early release! Please plan accordingly and bring in notes for change of transportation.

Spring Picture Day: This Friday is Picture Day! We will take a class picture. Students can dress up for this picture. Please send in forms and payments on Friday.

Report Cards: Report Cards for the 3rd quarter will go home next week.

Field Day T-Shirts: 2nd grade field day t-shirt order forms and payments are due this Thursday!

Art Show: If you were unable to attend SPECIALS NIGHT at Teasley but still would like to purchase your child’s framed artwork, it is not too late!  Please send $27 (cash only) in an envelope marked ART SHOW which includes your child’s name and their teacher.  Payments must be made by Thursday, March 14th.  We will contact you when your child’s artwork arrives at Teasley!  Any questions, please contact  Thank you so much!!  

Field Day T-Shirts

Today, students received an order form for Field Day t-shirts. The color will be similar to our yellow class t-shirts. The 2nd grade order forms and payments are due THURSDAY, MARCH 14!

Monday, March 4

This week, we are:

Math: solving word problems involving pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters. We will complete and assess this standard on Thursday.

Writing: writing an opinion piece about a strong leader.

Reading: Identifying character points of view in fiction texts.

Language Arts: spelling words with suffix endings: painter, writer, farmer, actor, swimmer, runner, sailor, robber. This will be assessed on Friday morning prior to going on the field trip.

Social Studies: the roles of leadership in the levels of government: mayor, governor, and president.

Important Information

Field Trip to Cobb Safety Village: On Friday, our class will visit the Cobb Safety Village! A reminder note will be sent home tomorrow with important information about attire and lunches on that day. Students should also return their completed homework!

Specials Night: Specials Night is coming up (Friday 6:30-8:00) and we need your help!  This year we are going to be selling student artwork to help raise money for the art program.  Please consider volunteering your time for a portion of the event to help collect money in the media center.  Thank you and we appreciate your support!

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