Month: April 2019

Field Day Volunteers

Sign up here if you want to volunteer for Field Day! Volunteers are the only parents allowed at school on Field Day.

K-1- Wednesday, May 8th

2-3 Thursday May 9th

4-5 Friday May 10th

Monday, April 29

This week, we are:

Math: solving word problems including adding and subtraction coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters).

Writing: writing an informational writing piece about the life cycle of a living thing. We will edit and publish this week.

Reading: comparing and contrasting two texts as well as using context clues to define unknown words. Reading levels are being assessed the next two weeks.

Language Arts: decoding and spelling words with -less suffixes (price, priceless, use, useless, power, powerless, cloud, cloudless, breath, breathless, fear, fearless).

IB Unit:  Systems interconnect, adapt, and change in predictable patterns and cycles. We are exploring and comparing life cycles of living things this week as well as observing life cycles in our classroom (plants and caterpillars).

Important Information:

PTA Meeting and Rainbow Fish Performance: This Thursday at 6:45 at Teasley! I cannot wait to see our students shine on stage!

Restaurant Night: Tomorrow night at Wade’s!

Class Wish List: tissues and hand sanitizer


Field Day T-Shirts

For students who ordered last month, Field Day t-shirts were passed out today!

Tuesday, April 23

This week, we are:

Math: partitioning rectangles into rows and columns and counting the total number of squares. We are also reviewing addition and subtraction as well as word problems.

Writing: writing an expert informational writing piece about a chosen living thing’s life cycle.

Reading: identifying author’s purpose in a text.

Language Arts: decoding and spelling words with -dis prefix (order, disorder, agree, disagree, obey, disobey, trust, distrust, honest, dishonest, appear, disappear) and using irregular verbs.

IB Unit: Systems interconnect, adapt, and change in predictable patterns and cycles. We are continuing our study of life cycles and exploring how seed are dispersed  in nature.


Monday, April 15

This week, we are:

Math: solving one step and two step word problems with addition and subtraction within 100.

Writing: writing an imaginative narrative about visiting Saturn.

Reading: determining author’s point/purpose in a text.

Language Arts: using irregular verbs and spelling words with prefix -re (paint, pay, group, new, turn, check, repaint, repay, regroup, renew, and recheck).

IB Central Idea: Positions on Earth determine observable sky patterns. We will wrap up the unit this week!

Important Information:

Intent Forms: Please return intent forms by Tuesday, April 23.

Teacher Requests for Next Year: Teacher requests-2n4u0dw

Class Wish List: Tissues, Clorox Wipes, Lysol spray, hand sanitizer, and colored construction paper

Intent Forms

Students are receiving intent forms for the 2019-2020 school year. Even if your student is not returning to Teasley, please note on the form and return. In addition, please send in any required documents with the intent forms.

Please complete and return by April 23!

Moon Tracker

Students are encouraged to look at the moon nightly outside and/or with the Moon Tracker site!

Monday, April 8

Welcome back!

This week, we are:

Math: Partitioning rectangles, squares, and circles into halves, thirds, and fourths. Students are off to a great start with partitioning the shapes into equal parts! We are also reviewing the concept of fractions.

Writing: writing an opinion piece about the best season of the year. Students have made incredible connections from our IB unit!

Reading: identifying main idea and key details of informational texts about space and seasons. Our class will renew/return books at the Media Center this Friday!

Language Arts: decoding and spelling words with -un prefix (fair, unfair, happy, unhappy, load, unload, afraid, unafraid, likely, and unlikely).

IB Central Idea: Positions on Earth determine observable sky patterns. We will explore moon phases and the seasons of the year this week. We need regular sized oreos for an activity on Friday!

Important Information:

Class Wish List: Oreos for Friday’s science activity, tissues, and Clorox wipes.

Mother/Son Night: Hope everyone had a great break! 
Just a friendly reminder that we need volunteers for the Mother/Son Night of Fun coming up this Friday! This is a great opportunity for dads and/or moms of girls to serve while moms and sons enjoy the night of fun. Visit to sign up Thanks so much for supporting our school and giving your time to make these events a success!

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