This week, we are:

Math: solving word problems including adding and subtraction coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters).

Writing: writing an informational writing piece about the life cycle of a living thing. We will edit and publish this week.

Reading: comparing and contrasting two texts as well as using context clues to define unknown words. Reading levels are being assessed the next two weeks.

Language Arts: decoding and spelling words with -less suffixes (price, priceless, use, useless, power, powerless, cloud, cloudless, breath, breathless, fear, fearless).

IB Unit:  Systems interconnect, adapt, and change in predictable patterns and cycles. We are exploring and comparing life cycles of living things this week as well as observing life cycles in our classroom (plants and caterpillars).

Important Information:

PTA Meeting and Rainbow Fish Performance: This Thursday at 6:45 at Teasley! I cannot wait to see our students shine on stage!

Restaurant Night: Tomorrow night at Wade’s!

Class Wish List: tissues and hand sanitizer