This week, we are:

Math: reviewing place value, skip counting, and adding and subtracting within 1,000.

Writing: writing an opinion piece with reasons and examples.

Reading: comparing and contrasting two texts on a similar topic.

Language Arts: decoding and spelling words with -ion and -tion suffixes: suggest, suggestion, direct, direction, decorate, decoration, celebrate, celebration, add, addition, define, definition, subtract, subtraction.

Social Studies: explaining patterns in economics with scarcity and opportunity cost.

Important Information:

Wish List: Construction paper, tissues, and hand sanitizer

Stamped Envelopes: Please send in a stamped and self-addressed envelope to school for report cards to be delivered to you over the summer. These should be turned into school by May 17. Also note that report cards will not be released if there are delinquent balances for ASP or Lunch.

Field Day Attire: 2nd grade will attend Field Day this Thursday! Students should be prepared to get wet and bring an extra pair of clothes and a towel for after the water activities. They can wear the class t-shirt, field day t-shirt, Teasley t-shirt, or another yellow shirt with athletic attire. It is also a good idea for students to carry a labeled water bottle around outside while we area enjoying the fun in the sun!

Field Day Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer with any of Teasley’s Field Day, please sign up with the link in the form sent home today! Only parents allowed on campus for safety reasons are volunteers for various stations.

Mayor Awards: Congratulations to our amazing Room Mom, Kate Hutto, for being celebrated at the Smyrna Mayor Awards tonight for her amazing work with Teasley fundraising!