This week, we are:

Reading: introducing Reading Workshop, classifying genres of books, and building reading stamina. Students received a set of review words from 1st grade to practice phonics, reading, and spelling skills (grab, club, spun, flag, trip, skin, spent, sunk, grand, lamp, rift, blend, west, help). These words are glued or written in agendas, based on student preference. We will take a practice assessment on Friday. Students will practice in class but are welcome to use resources from the blog as well.

Writing: introducing Writing Workshop as well as writing narrative, opinion, and informational on-demand pieces to review skills from 1st grade.

Math: introducing Math Workshop and reviewing skills from 1st grade.

IB Unit: introducing classifying throughout the subject areas and with community-building activities.

Important information:

Forms in Cobb Folder: please return completed Clinic Card and Receipt of Parent Information.

Beginning of Year Letter: I am enjoying the letters so far from parents all about their student! Feel free to write, email, or Dojo Message me a letter with any wonderful information about your student.

Field Trip Permission Form: This week, we will send home a permission form for the field trip to the Fire Safety Village on Tuesday, August 27th! Please complete form and return as soon as possible! There is no payment required for this field trip.

Birthday Treats: Teasley will allow birthday treats beginning on Monday, August 12. Please prearrange with me. Teasley permits individualized packaged treats to be passed out at recess or lunch.

Class Dojo Points: Today, students demonstrated incredible behavior and leadership! The daily goal for Class Dojo points is 5, resulting in a weekly goal of 25 points. Students will track their daily and weekly Dojo Points in agendas. If a student receives at least 25 points in a week, they will be eligible to select a Class Coupon on Monday morning!