This week, we are:

Writing: We will begin our Writing Workshop with an inquiry into the types of sentences. Students will make observations about the three types of sentences (Asking, Telling, Exclamatory) and will begin practicing sorting, as well as creating each type. This inquiry activity will help guide us into our unit on Narrative Writing.

Reading: We have begun Reading Workshop by practicing independent reading to build stamina. In addition, we will inquire into strategies to increase fluency and comprehension. This week, students will practice asking and answering questions stories related with IB concepts and Learner Profiles such as Caring and Open-Minded.

Math: We have begun our inquiry into math with a review of strategies for addition and subtraction to 20. These include making a ten, doubles, doubles plus 1, and using a number line. This is a great jump start to students working on mastering their addition and subtraction facts 1-20!

Science Inquiry: We have begun the year with the Transdisciplinary Theme “How the World Works: an inquiry into the natural world and its laws”. Students will develop an understanding of the Central Idea, “Changing physical properties may affect classification”. Students will also explore Key Concepts such as form, causation, and change. At the end of this week, students will move into classifying the states of matter based on physical properties.

Important Information:

Class Wish List: Band-aids

Fire Safety Village Forms: The Fire Safety Village requires all students to complete the homework sheet and student waiver. Please complete and return these two forms as soon as possible! The student waiver is mandatory for students to attend the Fire Safety Village.

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