Online Resources

Here is a list of educational websites that a teacher shared with us.  We have not previewed all of them.  Feel free to use them if you want.  Most local libraries have internet access.


Great Websites to Use at Home

Language Arts:

An excellent site for beginning readers

Use this site for extra practice with phonics and spelling

Use this site to make words

A great site to practice your spelling words



This site has a little bit of everything…


Great addition and subtraction practice

Use this site to practice your math facts and play math games

A great site to practice counting money

Use this site to solve a variety of word problems

A great extension site for problem solving

Extra Practice for Math



Use this site for handwriting practice

Common Core Websites:


Just for Fun:

This site is filled with fun games in all subject areas

This site also has fun games in every subject






Additional Websites:


Book Adventure-Reading comprehension site:


Create your own worksheets:


All subjects:


Interactive money games:


Interactive money activities:


Interactive math games:


Interactive time games:


Printable Test Practice sheets:


Interactive Practice:


Money and Math Games:


Online Testing Practice:


Fun Learning Games:


Benjamin Franklin:


Online Math Games:


Online Academic Games and Worksheets:


Grammar Blast(Houghton Mifflin )  Interactive website Free worksheets for all subjects


WARNING: The links on this page will take you to sites OUTSIDE of the Cobb County School District Web.  These sites are provided as a resource ONLY and may not reflect the opinions or standards set by the Cobb Board of Education and the CCSD Administration.  A link to any site should NOT be misconstrued as an endorsement of that site and CCSD is NOT responsible for any questionable or illicit content that may appear past this point.  ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.  As always, children should be supervised when researching the Internet.


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