Wednesday, August 14

Media Center Books: Today, students attended Media Center Orientation and checked out books! These books may be read at school and at home. At least one of the books must be brought back to school every day for independent reading time.


TARGET Information Meeting

When: 8:00 – 8:45 am on August 19

Location: Teasley Media Center

Parents, if you have questions regarding Gifted Eligibility in Cobb County, please join us for this informational meeting. We will review the process and qualifications for elementary grades gifted eligibility.

Monday, August 12

This week, we are:

Writing: We will begin our Writing Workshop with an inquiry into the types of sentences. Students will make observations about the three types of sentences (Asking, Telling, Exclamatory) and will begin practicing sorting, as well as creating each type. This inquiry activity will help guide us into our unit on Narrative Writing.

Reading: We have begun Reading Workshop by practicing independent reading to build stamina. In addition, we will inquire into strategies to increase fluency and comprehension. This week, students will practice asking and answering questions stories related with IB concepts and Learner Profiles such as Caring and Open-Minded.

Math: We have begun our inquiry into math with a review of strategies for addition and subtraction to 20. These include making a ten, doubles, doubles plus 1, and using a number line. This is a great jump start to students working on mastering their addition and subtraction facts 1-20!

Science Inquiry: We have begun the year with the Transdisciplinary Theme “How the World Works: an inquiry into the natural world and its laws”. Students will develop an understanding of the Central Idea, “Changing physical properties may affect classification”. Students will also explore Key Concepts such as form, causation, and change. At the end of this week, students will move into classifying the states of matter based on physical properties.

Important Information:

Class Wish List: Band-aids

Fire Safety Village Forms: The Fire Safety Village requires all students to complete the homework sheet and student waiver. Please complete and return these two forms as soon as possible! The student waiver is mandatory for students to attend the Fire Safety Village.

Class Instagram: @SecondwithSwanson

Monday, August 5

This week, we are:

Reading: introducing Reading Workshop, classifying genres of books, and building reading stamina. Students received a set of review words from 1st grade to practice phonics, reading, and spelling skills (grab, club, spun, flag, trip, skin, spent, sunk, grand, lamp, rift, blend, west, help). These words are glued or written in agendas, based on student preference. We will take a practice assessment on Friday. Students will practice in class but are welcome to use resources from the blog as well.

Writing: introducing Writing Workshop as well as writing narrative, opinion, and informational on-demand pieces to review skills from 1st grade.

Math: introducing Math Workshop and reviewing skills from 1st grade.

IB Unit: introducing classifying throughout the subject areas and with community-building activities.

Important information:

Forms in Cobb Folder: please return completed Clinic Card and Receipt of Parent Information.

Beginning of Year Letter: I am enjoying the letters so far from parents all about their student! Feel free to write, email, or Dojo Message me a letter with any wonderful information about your student.

Field Trip Permission Form: This week, we will send home a permission form for the field trip to the Fire Safety Village on Tuesday, August 27th! Please complete form and return as soon as possible! There is no payment required for this field trip.

Birthday Treats: Teasley will allow birthday treats beginning on Monday, August 12. Please prearrange with me. Teasley permits individualized packaged treats to be passed out at recess or lunch.

Class Dojo Points: Today, students demonstrated incredible behavior and leadership! The daily goal for Class Dojo points is 5, resulting in a weekly goal of 25 points. Students will track their daily and weekly Dojo Points in agendas. If a student receives at least 25 points in a week, they will be eligible to select a Class Coupon on Monday morning!

Specials Rotation Schedule

Students will write their specials for the following week every Friday. Please use this Specials Rotation Schedule to reference the entire school year as well.

Specials Rotation Schedule 2019-2020

Thursday, August 1, 2019

We had a wonderful first day of Second Grade! It flew by with all the fun we had!

Class Dojo: We introduced Class Dojo, but will take time to add skills and behaviors tomorrow. Students received codes today to login and edit accounts at home. We are not counting points today and tomorrow.

Agendas: We briefly wrote a reminder today in agendas to keep families in the loop with daily specials and tasks.

Cobb County Folder: Today, students received a Cobb County folder with documents from the front office and me. Please sign and return the forms with the folder as soon as possible.

Letter to the Teacher: In the Cobb Folder, I added a purple letter with an opportunity to write me about your student. Feel free to respond on paper, email, or Class Dojo messaging.

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

I am looking forward to an incredible year with some amazing families! Stay tuned for Class Dojo information on Thursday!

Open House Presentation 2019

Parent Contact Information Form

Amazon Wish List


Monday, May 13

This week, we are:

Math: reviewing place value, skip counting, and adding and subtracting within 1,000.

Writing: writing an informational piece with advice for next year’s 2nd graders.

Reading: applying 2nd grade comprehension

Language Arts: capitalizing proper nouns.

Social Studies: explaining patterns in economics with goods and services.

Important Information:

Stamped Envelopes: Please send in a stamped and self-addressed envelope to school for report cards to be delivered to you over the summer. These should be turned into school by May 17. Also note that report cards will not be released if there are delinquent balances for ASP or Lunch.

Because of Winn-Dixie Celebration: Next Monday, May 20, our class will have a Because of Winn-Dixiecelebration! Students can bring a special snack as we compare and contrast the book and the movie. Please sign and return PG movie permission form by this Friday, May 17 in order for your student to watch the movie.

Last Week of School Events:

Monday, May 20- Because of Winn-Dixie Celebration! Let me know if you would like to donate snacks!

Tuesday, May 21- Board Game/Card Game Day and Early Dismissal. Also bring an extra bag as we clean out our desks.

Wednesday, May 22- Movie Day and Early Dismissal! No bags and only disposable lunches!

Monday, May 6

This week, we are:

Math: reviewing place value, skip counting, and adding and subtracting within 1,000.

Writing: writing an opinion piece with reasons and examples.

Reading: comparing and contrasting two texts on a similar topic.

Language Arts: decoding and spelling words with -ion and -tion suffixes: suggest, suggestion, direct, direction, decorate, decoration, celebrate, celebration, add, addition, define, definition, subtract, subtraction.

Social Studies: explaining patterns in economics with scarcity and opportunity cost.

Important Information:

Wish List: Construction paper, tissues, and hand sanitizer

Stamped Envelopes: Please send in a stamped and self-addressed envelope to school for report cards to be delivered to you over the summer. These should be turned into school by May 17. Also note that report cards will not be released if there are delinquent balances for ASP or Lunch.

Field Day Attire: 2nd grade will attend Field Day this Thursday! Students should be prepared to get wet and bring an extra pair of clothes and a towel for after the water activities. They can wear the class t-shirt, field day t-shirt, Teasley t-shirt, or another yellow shirt with athletic attire. It is also a good idea for students to carry a labeled water bottle around outside while we area enjoying the fun in the sun!

Field Day Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer with any of Teasley’s Field Day, please sign up with the link in the form sent home today! Only parents allowed on campus for safety reasons are volunteers for various stations.

Mayor Awards: Congratulations to our amazing Room Mom, Kate Hutto, for being celebrated at the Smyrna Mayor Awards tonight for her amazing work with Teasley fundraising!

Field Day Volunteers

Sign up here if you want to volunteer for Field Day! Volunteers are the only parents allowed at school on Field Day.

K-1- Wednesday, May 8th

2-3 Thursday May 9th

4-5 Friday May 10th

Monday, April 29

This week, we are:

Math: solving word problems including adding and subtraction coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters).

Writing: writing an informational writing piece about the life cycle of a living thing. We will edit and publish this week.

Reading: comparing and contrasting two texts as well as using context clues to define unknown words. Reading levels are being assessed the next two weeks.

Language Arts: decoding and spelling words with -less suffixes (price, priceless, use, useless, power, powerless, cloud, cloudless, breath, breathless, fear, fearless).

IB Unit:  Systems interconnect, adapt, and change in predictable patterns and cycles. We are exploring and comparing life cycles of living things this week as well as observing life cycles in our classroom (plants and caterpillars).

Important Information:

PTA Meeting and Rainbow Fish Performance: This Thursday at 6:45 at Teasley! I cannot wait to see our students shine on stage!

Restaurant Night: Tomorrow night at Wade’s!

Class Wish List: tissues and hand sanitizer


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