English Department Pre-Course Reading

Summer Reading Information 
The reading selections on the lists below vary in lexile level, content, and maturity. Please do some background research before choosing a title, and check the cost and/or page length BEFORE purchasing the book. Summaries can be easily found through an online search.

9th Grade Literature & Composition (onlevel & honors): 9th Grade summer reading info

10th Grade World Literature (onlevel & honors): 10th grade summer reading info

11th Grade American Literature (onlevel & honors): 11th Grade summer reading info

11th Grade AP Language (with American Literature emphasis): 11th grade AP LANGUAGE summer reading info

12th Grade English (onlevel & honors): 12th grade summer reading info

12th Grade AP Literature: 12th grade AP LITERATURE summer reading info

AP Capstone (Seminar): Students will complete pre-course reading for this class during LASSO in the fall.

In addition to Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, these used book stores also stock our selections:

The Book Exchange
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BOOK-EXCHANGEMARIETTA-GA/84583472273

Once & Again Books Shallowford

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